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  1. Kevin87TurboT

    Crusty Grand National Revival

    Crusty Grand National Revival Several years ago, I had a customer bring this 87 Grand National to me to inspect. Shortly afterwards, his cam went flat. It wiped out one of the lobes. I sold several engine parts to him, including a 212/212 Comp Cam/lifters and spring kit. Long story short, he...
  2. Kevin87TurboT

    ATR Headers/Intake Manifold/Intercooler and more

    Up for sale is a set of ATR headers for 86-87 GN. They include the crossover pipe and mounting hardware. These are the best that you can find for a 10 second GN or faster. I'll take $550 shipped in the 48 States. I have an intake for sale, including plenum, TB and fuel rails. One of the...
  3. Kevin87TurboT

    Buick GN Garage Sale: Engine part out and more

    For Sale: Front cover with water pump $60 shipped SOLD Glove box door $35 shipped Chrome pass side headlight bezel $45 shipped TV cable $20 shipped SOLD Stock headers $100 shipped SOLD Stock Crossover that can be used with an external gate $45 shipped Power Steering pump $35 shipped SOLD Power...
  4. Kevin87TurboT

    WTB...Aluminum Brake drums

    I'm looking for a set of aluminum brake drums. It's ok if they are beyond the max diameter spec. TIA!
  5. Kevin87TurboT

    Garage Sale Turbo, TH Downpipe, Throttle bodies, etc...

    Up for sale is a whole bunch of go fast parts... 1. An old school Garrett T70 turbo with a Precision .63 exhaust housing. Just rebuilt. $550 shipped or will trade for a little $ and your stock or TA49 turbo. 2. A Polished plenum $60 shipped Billet angled IAC Adapter $35 shipped 3. TH 3"...
  6. Kevin87TurboT

    Set of Nice GN Centercaps

    Ill take $100 shipped to your door in the 48 States. These are in good shape!
  7. Kevin87TurboT

    Stage II Heads and Intake and cam and lifters

    Nicely ported Stage II heads and intake to match. Rockers included but no rocker stands. I'll take $700 shipped for all of these Stage II parts and include lifters as well! Stock 87 Power Steering reservoir. $80 shipped. Forged TRW Pistons and 2 dot rods with ARP bolts. The Pistons are clean...
  8. Kevin87TurboT

    WTB: Casper's Adapter Harness for XFI to 86-87 GN

    I'm looking for one that's in good shape. Thanks, Kevin
  9. Kevin87TurboT

    Garage sale...Stage II parts and stock stuff too

    Nicely ported Stage II heads and intake to match. Rockers included but no rocker stands. I'll take $700 shipped for all of these Stage II parts and include lifters as well! Stock 87 Power Steering reservoir. $80 shipped. Forged TRW Pistons and 2 dot rods with ARP bolts. The Pistons are...
  10. Kevin87TurboT

    87 GN LS turbo swap

    A few months ago, I found this 87 GN in Alabama. The body was solid, but the paint was faded and the car hadn't been started in a few years. A few weeks later, I figured out why. The original V6 had a rod knock. I sold the car to a friend and we strategized on how to proceed. We decided an LS...
  11. Kevin87TurboT

    Stock Belt Tensioner

    Stock belt tensioner from my 87 GN...$175 shipped in the 48 States.
  12. Kevin87TurboT

    Parting out 86 GN

    The body is tentatively spoken for. I'll update the thread if that changes. I have a 9-11 3200 converter that I was told is a PTS. It works problems at all. It has around 7k miles on it. I'll take $300 shipped. I have some ARP head studs for $125 shipped. The complete engine...
  13. Kevin87TurboT

    Parting out 87 GN engine

    I recently pulled the engine out of my 87 GN. It had a cracked head (ported too thin on one exhaust port.). The short block is already spoken for. The other parts are all still available. The intake, throttle body, stock headers, accessories, pulleys, AC compressor, AC lines, fuel lines...
  14. Kevin87TurboT

    Buick GN Garage Sale

    Two Caspers XFI Harness adapters. $200/ea Stock 87 headers and crossover. Freshly welded. These don't leak. $140 Magnecore plug wires. Have just a few hundred miles on them. Look nearly new. $50 Used cam sensor $50 shipped LT1 Alternator $50 shipped Stock MAF sensor. $60 Chrome cold air...
  15. Kevin87TurboT

    A bunch of GNX'd parts

    I call them GNX'd, because I'm sure they are all reproductions. I have a $1500 World of Motorworks GNX cluster along with a $250 Caspers Harness. New in the box! I'll take $1200 shipped. I have GNX fender vents with brackets for $50 shipped. I have a set of GTA wheels for $400...
  16. Kevin87TurboT

    FS..Turbo, SL Intercooler, headers, and much more!

    I'm still cleaning out the shop. I have the following items to sell... TE45a Turbonetics 66 mm turbo with .63 exh housing.. In great shape! Will run low 10's. $550 shipped. GN1 Stock location 23 row intercooler. $480 shipped to your door. Caspers Electronics XFI adapter. $200 shipped...
  17. Kevin87TurboT

    Grand National Garage Sale

    While cleaning out the shop tonight, I found several more parts that I had forgotten about. I'll try to get a few pics when I get home Weds night. 1984 or 85 hot air intake, with fuel rails and injectors. $125 shipped Very nice 87 GN belt tensioner. $150 shipped A GN belt tensioner...
  18. Kevin87TurboT

    1985 Regal Limited White

    Up for sell is my white 85 Regal Limited. It started life as a brown NA Limited. I put the turbo hood and fresh bumper fillers on it and had it painted white. It currently has some Weld ProStar wheels on it. The tires are old, but the wheels are in great shape. It's a good deal if you're...
  19. Kevin87TurboT

    FS: Turbos, Wheels, TH Downpipe, Injectors, and much more!

    Up for sell are the following parts. TH stainless Downpipe. $350 shipped. 55 lb/hr high imp injectors. $125 shipped Mildly ported intake with plenum and 65mm throttle body. $325 shipped Turbonetics TE45a turbo very low miles! $600 shipped TE44 Precision turbo $375 shipped Fuel rails...
  20. Kevin87TurboT

    1987 Buick Grand National T-top w/ mods

    Up for sale is an 87 GN with T-tops. I've owned it for approx 18 months. When I bought it, it had a bad engine and trans, but the body and paint were nice. I installed a low mileage engine with some upgrades. It has a Precision TE62 turbo, and an Iceman cold air kit. The Injectors are new...