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    Here is one for the group interesting problem

    HI everyone, I hope this post finds everyone well. I am having a interesting problem. The car has been sitting for a while but started every week. Also we had heavy rain yesterday. Don't know if things got wet. but anyhow. I am running several chips on a thumb wheel . Bob Baileys...
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    Looking for software for a Willem EPROM PCB5.0E programmer

    Greeting all , It's been a while. I bought a Willem eprom PCB5.0E programmer but can not find the software to run it . I went to one site and got a nasty virus that made me have to wipe the hard drive. So if anyone has and or knows where I can download a "clean" version it would be...
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    Downer body ? vin Number question

    HI Everyone, Thing about do a body swap on the GN , Looking around for a downer car . Question , what does one do about the vin number . I can imagine that the feds would not be happy about swapping out the vin plate from the old body to the new one? Technically its still the same car, but...
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    Bolt size for a MPE racing strech intercooler

    HI Everyone, Does anyone happen to know what size bolt is used on the drivers side mounting bolt for a Stretch inter-cooler, MPE racing . I believe I got this though Jack Cotton. The drivers side bolt is missing and if some one knows what size bolt that is would save me some trail...
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    house fire 12-27-16 Fc227

    Greetings all, I know I have not been posting as much as I use to . But I wanted to share this with my Buick Buddies. We had a serious house fire 2 days after Christmas. My electric blanket caught on fire , while I was a sleep. I tired to put it out , burnt my hand and ended up spending...
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    Will not start , ran fine yesterday

    HI Everyone, Now the car will not start , We had a real cold snap and I think a injector stuck open . I smell gas , I have fuel pressure , But it sounds like it maybe flooded because get this I misconducted the ECM power wire @ the Battery and cranked the engine over and it started and...
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    Cruise control stopped working after Power Master repair.

    Greetings all, After rebuilding my Power Master , My cruise control is not working. The cruise light comes on , but the car just keeps slowing down. So it's not the electronics maybe. I do have vacuum at the cruise diaphragm, But it is weak. Also there is another vacuum line teed off...
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    Front upper control arm Passanger side , Bolt question

    Greetings all, Anyone here replace the passenger side Front upper control arm? My Question is that the Bolts that hold the arm to the Frame. Are the splined? There is a bolt head on the inside (facing the wheel) but it will not budge. Before I start putting some real pressure on them ...
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    Looking for a good used Power master ( Motor does not have to work)

    Greetings all, I am looking for a good used Power master , The Master cylinder it self must be in good shape. The Motor could be not running, I have a good motor & pump. God Speed, Fred
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    Rebuild kit for a power master

    Greetings all, I know these are very rare. But does anyone have a rebuild kit like N3100154581DOR or the Ac / Delco. My power master is "dragging" slow to return when cold (pedal). God Speed, Fred
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    Tax Bill just came in, Town of Guilford, CT, People in CT listen up!

    Greetings all, It has been a while since I last posted. But I have a question ? The latest tax bill came in and the town is assessing the GN @ $8120. Does that sound right? Last year it was only ~ 2K . Gee if it worth that maybe I should sell :)
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    Heater box cleaning

    Greetings all, How much of a pain is it to access inside the heater box ? I want to clean the heater and AC core for better air flow. God Speed, Fred
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    Brakes sticking when cold

    Greetings all, I had the GN out today , It was cold below freezing. The brake pedal was sticking, anyone ever have water / Moisture on the Master cylinder push pedal ? It would be hard to push then break free. Slow to return too. Like the plunger is sticking But I just took the car...
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    It's hard to believe its been 30 years

    HI Guy's, It is hard to believe these cars are now 30 years old !
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    Will not start 1986 GN

    Greetings all, Last week on the way home the GN start throwing a code 41 (Cam sensor) and when I shut it off . It would not start again. Well, replaced the cam sensor , ECU, Ignition module . I do have 12 volts to the crank and cam sensors and I do have a signal out from both , But I have...
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    Code 41 on teh way home and now she will not start

    Greetings all, I had a code 41 on the way home today and when I shut the engine off , It would not re-start. I believe that is the Cam sensor error code ? Where can you get replacement cam shaft sensor (just the upper assembly) ?
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    Might have to sell

    Greetings all, Sorry if I am posting in the wrong area but I know it has been a while . But I might have to sell the GN, What are they going for now a days? Please see below 1986 Buick Grand National Over 200K miles ~ 25k on present engine and Trans Stage rite Trans brake Denbear cross...
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    Connecticut is getting a drag strip .

    Hi Guy's, It's been quite a while since I have posted. I wanted to share this info with you , especially those living in the Northeast . Connecticut is getting a drag strip . Please see attached link
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    1/8 mile drag strip in CT

    Greetings all, It's been a while since I have posted. But I still have the GN and plan on getting back into drag racing next season. Please see the link below , The owner of the 100' drags wants to build a 1/8 track in CT. So if you agree please sign. And I will see you at this new...
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    What would it be worth

    Greetings everyone , Just toying with the idea , But how much could I get for the following package 1 -1986 Buick Grand National in Fair condition (1979 HD block fully built back by a 200r4 with stage right Trans brake) 2 - original engine (disassembled) and Tranny (needs rebuild)...