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    BLM's at 90, strange O2 readings

    I am working on a car getting it ready for smog. I have helped with this car for years and it usually has zero issues. When I put Direct Scan on to check the numbers, cruise BLM's straight to 90 and seem to want to keep dropping. Immediately upon cold startup the O2 cross counts go 0-255 in 5...
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    Instant cross counts upon startup

    I am working on a car getting ready for a smog check. I have helped with this car for years. I noticed upon startup the 02 cross counts start immediately. 0-255 in about 5 seconds over and over. When it warms up and the 02 lights off the CC's go to a more normal count. I do not recall any...
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    Pleasanton Goodguys show, Saturday 5/31

    Anyone going? I plan to go on Saturday only.
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    Startup rattle

    My wife's car started getting the startup rattle. It was past due for a change, so I changed the oil and filter. The rattle will not go away it seems. I had been using FRAM ( I know, I know...) ph25's (Biggie) with no problems. I have tried other Frams, Mobil1 and now I just put on a...
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    Crane billet roller lifter problem

    I have the smallest ATR crane billet roller in my car. About 4 years and 25k or so hard miles. I had the pan off to put on my new RJC pan (very nice) and inspected the rollers on the lifters from below. I saw a stripe of wear on a few of the lifter rollers. Still looked smooth, just not...
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    Rear GTA wheels

    Looking for 4 rear GTA wheels for an A-body project. I know we use a lot of fronts. Anyone have some extra rears around???? I am in San Jose, Ca Thanks, Mark E.
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    B-Body Vac booster better than G-Body?

    I have done the vacuum conversion on my car. I have the 12 inch 1LE front brakes. I use a B-Body 1 1/8 master cylinder and currently have a G-Body vac booster. The booster is leaking vacuum and I need to replace it. I have heard of people using the B-body Vac booster and have 2 questions. 1) Is...
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    Twin Turbo O2 sensor(s) with DFI

    I am helping wire up a race car using and older DFI. It will be a twin turbo setup. Do we need to use 2 O2 sensors, or can we just use one on one header? If we use 2, how do I connect them to the ECM? Also, I know we don't use the MAF, so I assume the input to the ECM does not need to be...