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    FS:T-Type Grill Emblem

    Picture speaks for itself. $47 shipped to your door in the lower 50.
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    FS: Interior Boost Control Valve

    Title says it all. $19 shipped to your door or best offer. Here is a picture:
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    FS: Adjustable Boost Valves

    I have a couple of adjustable boost valves that I do not need since I sold my car. I have no idea what to ask for them so make me an offer if I am too high. Tried to upload pictures but it will not let me. Here are two Links
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    Door Hinge, Exhaust Heat Shield, Ash Tray and Head Rest

    As the Title says I have these parts laying around. Add shipping to all parts and I am open to reasonable offers. Door Hinge - $25 -SOLD Exhaust Heat Shield - $15 Ash Tray - $10 Head Rest - $20 - SOLD Dog House Plate - $25
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    Battery Box Relocation Kit

    I have a new Battery Relocation Kit. As you can see it's dirty but I never installed it in the car and the car has been sold. These are over $100 from Summit. $75 plus shipping or best offer.
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    FS: Sold Buick and Selling Misc Parts

    I have some parts I have collected over the years. All parts are plus shipping. I am open to reasonable offers. I have other parts, mostly small stuff (other than a header panel) so if you need something specific feel free to PM me. Power seat switch (broken center lever) $15 T Type...
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    FS:Passenger Side Tail Light

    I have a passenger side Tail light for Sale in good shape. No cracks...just needs a little cleaning. $75 shipped and paypaled or best offer.
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    FS: Lighted Sun Visor

    I have a lighted Sun Visor in decent shape. $55 shipped and paypaled or best offer.
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    FS: Factory GM Header Panel in Erie PA

    I have a used header panel in nice shape. As you can see it's in primer and will need a final sanding before paint. I prefer not to ship this but will do so at the buyers expense. You will have to give me time to find a box to ship it in. $299 plus shipping and Paypal or best offer
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    FS: Stock Valve Covers with Oil Filler Tube

    I have a set of stock valve covers with the stock oil filler tube. $75 plus shipping or best offer
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    FS: Factory Turbo Heat Shield

    I have an uncut turbo heat shield for sale. $55 plus shipping or best offer
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    FS: Sunroof crank button

    I have the button that is supposed to cover the hole in the headliner where the sunroof crank goes. It obviously needs recovered but it is a factory part. $9 shipped and paypaled
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    FS: Wastegate Control Hose (Y hose)

    I have two wastegate control hoses for sale. $19 each shipped and paypaled.
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    FS: NOS Bumper Filler - Passenger Side

    I have and NOS Passenger Side Bumper Filler. $150 plus shipping
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    FS: NOS Shifter handle Trim Rings

    I have all three pieces of chrome trim for the shifter handle. $55 shipped or best offer.
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    FS: OEM Radio

    I have a factory radio from one of the turbo Buicks I used to own. Its been sitting for over 10 year and I honestly don't know if it still works. $40 or best offer
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    FS: Stock oil cooler with lines

    I have a stock oil cooler with the lines from my first GN. My first GN had 5000 miles on it and this was the first stock part I took off. As you can see it still has the factory tag on it. $65 plus shipping or best offer.
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    Stock Up Pipe

    I have a stock up pipe in excellent condition. $37 shipped to lower 48 or best offer
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    NOS Buick Grill Emblem

    As the title states, I have an NOS Buick Grill Emblem $85 shipped to the lower 48 or best offer.
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    NOS T-Roof Weatherstrip

    I have both the left and right NOS T-Roof weatherstrip. Both sides are in one box that came from the dealer. $300 plus shipping or best offer.