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  1. 87Limitedwo2

    1986-87 TR, Black, solid roof (or CF5), buckets

    Looking for a 1986-87 Turbo Buick in Black. No T-tops, solid roof or CF5 Astro Roof only. Bucket seat car (no bench). Not interested in rusty cars but any mechanical issues are fine. Not looking spend $50k low mileage survivors. Thanks in advance. Justin
  2. 87Limitedwo2

    Test Pipe Wanted

    Folks, Im looking for a test pipe preferably in steel. Prefer one that was made to meet the stock down pipe if I can be picky. Looks like the Hooker system came with these. Used is fine so long as the flange is good and straight. It is for a 1985 Cutlass 4 door project I am doing and will...
  3. 87Limitedwo2

    Vacuum Brake Conversion/Kit

    This is a vacuum brake kit I removed from my White car. Was on the car when I bought it and working fine. I converted back to the PowerMaster. Has the Booster, Master Cylinder, Vacuum hose and valve, correct Brake Pedal for Vacuum Brakes. I do not have the vacuum block for the top of the...
  4. 87Limitedwo2

    Parts I'm Bringing to Kirban's: Vac Brake set up, Frame Braces, Vac block for Vac brakes etc.

    Like it says: Parts I'm Brining to Kirban's. No shipping at this time: Complete Vacuum Brake Set Up off my White car. Worked great when pulled: $200.00 Right Rear Upper Control Arm Heat Shield (Kirban used to sell): $10.00 Vacuum Block on top of throttle body for Vacuum Brakes: $10.00 Lower...
  5. 87Limitedwo2

    Nice 86-87 EGR Hoses

    Anybody got a nice set of 86-87 EGR form-fitted original hoses they want to part with. Looking for uncut, unspliced, not degraded/chalky set. Thanks, Justin
  6. 87Limitedwo2

    Tomka Cold Air Kit

    Im looking for a Complete, preferably new in-the-box Tomka Cold Air kit. Kirbans used to sell these. I got lucky couple years ago and landed a NOS one for my GN but would love to find one for the White TR I also have. Thanks, Justin 443-480-2779
  7. 87Limitedwo2

    AutoMeter 2 1/6 mechanical water temp #3332

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have an AutoMeter Mechanical 2 1/6 Sport Comp Water Temp Gauge #3332 either new or used in excellent condition? I hate the thought of paying near $100 for a new one. Thanks, Justin
  8. 87Limitedwo2

    Seat Belt: Passenger Front Maroon Bucket Buckle.

    Need a Nice passenger front bucket seat belt in Maroon like the one in picture. Doesn't have to be mint just real nice. Thanks for the help, Justin 443-480-2779
  9. 87Limitedwo2

    8.5 Posi 28 Spline Used

    Looking for a used "take-out" 28 spline 8.5 posi unit either GM or aftermarket Auburn, Eaton etc, no junk. Thanks, Justin 443-480-2779
  10. 87Limitedwo2

    Heated 02, Could it be Factory?

    I just bought this thing to keep my GN company. It has a 4 wire heated 02 sensor on it. The connector is attached to small "L" bracket on the front intake bolt and the ground attaches to another studded intake bolt at the center of the engine. The wires disappear in the factory "flat" engine...
  11. 87Limitedwo2

    1986-87 Newspaper Add

    Wanted: original newspaper add(s) for 86-7 Turbo Buick or GN. Am attaching a picture of an example. Thanks, Justin
  12. 87Limitedwo2

    joel.e Excellent Seller

    Bought a used PowerMaster (as a core) from Joel. Great communication, quick shipping and all around great guy to deal with. Thanks you Joel, Justin
  13. 87Limitedwo2

    Fat Nat Great Seller!

    Fat Nat: just got a down pipe from Jeff. As described and a good experience. Thanks Jeff. Justin
  14. 87Limitedwo2

    NC-Wilm-GN Great Seller!!!!

    Steve sold me a NOS front bumper impact strip & 1 front bumper guard strip. Packaging was EXCELLENT! Very quick shipping, great communication. Great price too! Thanks! Justin
  15. 87Limitedwo2

    NOS Front Bumper Impact Strip

    Looking for a NOS Front Bumper Impact/Rub Strip for my TR. Need to be under $175 shipped to 21620. Thanks, Justin
  16. 87Limitedwo2

    1978 Pontiac Trans Am $6000

    1978 Pontiac Trans Am. This is the real thing. It is an automatic with a 400 CI Pontiac and it has the Shaker Hood. It's all there. This car appears to be a survivor with only minimal work done over the years to keep it going, showing 95k miles. Runs, drives and stops. Please don't waste my...
  17. 87Limitedwo2

    1978 Pontiac Trans Am

    1978 Pontiac Trans Am. This is the real thing. It is an automatic with a 400 CI Pontiac and it has the Shaker Hood. It's all there. This car appears to be a survivor with only minimal work done over the years. Runs, drives and stops. $6000 is the price, that's what I have in it. Please...
  18. 87Limitedwo2

    GN Head Rest Cores

    I am in need of 2 Grand National (1987) bucket seat head rest cores. I don't need covers, just good foam cores to be covered. I am not interested in entire seats. Doesn't matter if they come off of a Ttype or Turbo T or any other Regal Bucket seat but the foam needs to be in great shape and...
  19. 87Limitedwo2

    Unknown wire at D13 on C1 ECM plug

    Can anyone tell me: The C1 ECM (larger plug) on my 87 GN has an unknown wire in it at the D13 position. According to the schematic I have this position is supposed to be empty. It is definitely not factory installed and is not run with the regular harness and it is not hooked up to anything...
  20. 87Limitedwo2

    Rear Interior Panels Needed for 87 GN

    Looking for: --Right Rear Interior 1/4 trim panels Upper & Lower in Gray of course (don't need the fabric panel) --Right B pillar trim (goes from floor to roof & covers pinch weld) --1 Black Front Female seat belt bolt cover (this is the round piece) Mint or Near Mint parts only. Am...