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    Random question, just moved to San Diego, In need of a mechanic. Anybody know a good one? Sucks to be 400 miles from home without my tools.
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    Looking for mechanical help in San Diego

    Juat moved to San Diego, need GN Tech Help, and a honest mechanic. Been relocated and have no tools or don't know anybody down here. Any mechanics in the local area will help greatly.
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    New to San Diego, Looking for GN mechanic and advice.

    My names Rico, I have 87' GN, it has had some work done to it, and I have records and receipts of previous work, but I have some ideas for the car I want and need done, I have just finished a full spring cleaning, but the work I would like done I can not do myself, I want to replace a alcohol...
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    new to t-buicks, is anybody willing to break down knock retard.

    am in need of somebody to break down knock retard and what my readings to be, i just bought a GN and don't know too much about em, and don't know how hard the last owner was pushing the car. and i definitely dont want to blow my turbo over the last owner tuning the boost up too much. Thanx to...
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    What's the easiest way to test my SMC pump?

    When i bought my GN it came equipped with an SMC alky kit installed, Need to know the easiest way to test my pump.
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    Parts wanted

    T-top bags Stock jack Upper dash panel T-top lock panels
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    Anybody know of and recommend a solid mechanic?

    I'm on the san Francisco bay area and am in need of a shop to complete some work on my grand national, does anybody recommend a solid mechanic I can trust my baby with.
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    How Do I?

    I believe my National has no chip, Where would i look to find out if my car has a aftermarket or stock chip installed? Second I'm going to purchase a scanmaster which one would i be looking to purchase, What is the recommended unit? Lastly depending on my chip status, (stock or aftermarket)...
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    Scanmaster: Do I need one?

    I have a 87' national and am curious on the reasons why I would need a scanmaster, would anybody please break down the reasons for why I would and wouldn't need one, would be greatly appreciated. Not to sure if it's strictly a need for racing or all around road use.
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    Need parts

    Looking for a t-top bag, upper dash trim panel, t-top locking style plastic outer trim rails.
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    What's up?

    Juss drop'n a line, seeing how the site works, jus signed up today. How y'all doin out there?