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    gen 2 6062 precision turbo

    getting a game plan together for a fun fairly fast street car and wondering your opinions about the new gen 2 6062 dbb bearing turbo setup otherwise as follows sd2 chip , lc1 wideband 60lb injectors 340 in tank pump valve springs t&d shaft mount rockers stock heads and shortblock...
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    whats this thing worth

    found a TTA locally but the seats are shot the floors are gone and it will have a salvage title when all is said and done the car runs and moves but the fuel pump is not getting power so i hotwired it to get it fired the motor sounds perfect makes boost, good oil pressure , no leaks that i...
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    got picked for pinks

    got picked for pinks allout in chicago, found out monday, been basically scrambling to get the car ready and gather parts now, although it`s not a buick thought u guys might like it anyways. heres a pic of the car that i entered
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    i found this on another forum tought u might WANT TO KNOW I work at Garrett Turbos, now called Honeywell Turbo Technologies which there so proud of. When Cliff Garrett Owned Garrett He used to brown bag his lunch everyday and cared for a quality Product. If he knew what Honeywell has done...
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    BOP th400

    got a BOP th 400 pulled from a running driving car i just bought was rebuilt in 2007 shifted perfect clean bright red fluid, no convertor asking 150 OBO pickup only located in joliet ill will get pics up tomorrow
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    stock compressor wheel upgrade ??

    wondering if anyone makes a upgrade for the stock wheel ????? maybe a nice billet wheel ?? trying to keep things stealthy ;)
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    stock turbo compressor wheel

    need a stock compressor wheel for a 87GN local is great but anyone who has one laying around
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    ls2 6.0 heads

    i have 2 sets of 317 casting number heads from a 6.0 ls2 motor these are a perfectt head for a boosted motor they have 72cc chambers to lower the compression so if u are using a ls1 shortblock they will lower the compression to aprx 9.2/1 asking 125 per set i have all the rockers and stands...
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    stock turbo specs

    im looking for all the specs doe the stock 86-87 tubo`s can anyone help me out i tried searching but came up empty
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    NEWB sorta

    hello im new here ive been around cars my whole life. i have a turbocoupe now and although its not a turbo buick i think that the wealth of knowledge that this site has may be able to teach me more.