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    Blazer brake line brackets

    Does anyone know the part number for the 2WD Blazer front brake line brackets, where the metal line meets the hose for the caliper? I need a set for my GN. DId the Blazer brake swap a few years ago, never got them; now I'm pretty sure I need them. Any help appreciated!
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    New PB at Cecil County last weekend

    Went to the track last Saturday for a private track rental. It was kind of a day of decision for me. Drove my GN there, took everything out it, and raced it. Didnt have a clue where the boost was since I havent raced it in over two years. Mainly been driving on the street lately. Haven't had...
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    Power wire upgrade and ground wire upgrade

    Anybody have any ideas on what kind of wire to use? And what gauge? Been fighting a high IDC condition and low voltage on my SM. Even the injector hotwire didn't seem to help. Car is getting 13.5V at the pump (has new Racetronix hotwire kit) and fuel pressure is 74psi at 27psi of boost. Running...
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    Broke the 10-second barrier

    Just gonna leave this right here.
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    New PB at Cecil County today

    Went to a private track rental today at Cecil County Dragway. Was a good day and alot of people showed up. Track prep was 100% all day. First pass after driving it in, on beat BFG DRs and no real tune. Had 5.5% pulled out of WOT fuel. Ran through the exhaust. Footbrake ~8psi launch, 22-23psi...
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    Retorque of ARPs with GM headgaskets?

    Just put the heads back on my motor. Used stock GM gaskets again and fresh ARPs rated to 200,000psi tensile strength. Torqued to 85 ft. pounds with a brand new torque wrench. They have sat for just about 24 hours as of right now. Will break them loose one at a time tonight and do a final torque...
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    My first 109 build

    Finally got around to making a thread here. Freshened up the original 109 in my GN. Engine had 133k when I pulled it. Ran great. No problems other than it was drystarting. Car ran great and I drove it everywhere. Found it to be bone stock, unopened and no mods. Other than a replacement timing...
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    Stick with my TE-62 or upgrade??

    Building a new 109 for my GN. Most likely will be a stock bore/stroke 109 with ported irons and intake. Have a 210/215 roller cam ready to go in. Currently running a TE-62 with a PTE .63 housing and a ProTorque 32-3400 stall billet 9.5" convertor. Was very responsive on the street and went 11.32...
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    governor upgrade?

    Going to a 210/215 roller cam in my fresh 109 that is currently being done. Just received the billet forward drum and ring gear from Cris at CK. Will I have to mod the governor to get the shift points right? Not looking to go above 5800rpm with this. New motor will be a stock bore/stroke 109...
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    Running out of ideas

    I've been chasing a rough idle/stumbling issue for the last week... Car runs 100% perfect until it gets good and warm. Then the gremlins come out. It's loading up on fuel, bucking, surging, the whole nine yards. Here is what I know for fact. It's not ignition, at least if it is I haven't...
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    best aftermarket ignition module?

    Had a problem with the GN Friday night when I was out. Car ran fine then started running rough and being unresponsive. Also wouldn't restart. Made it home and put it away. Went out yesterday afternoon and it fired right up. Ran perfect. Hit it with 27psi and then problems came again. Same deal...
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    Lost 2nd gear?

    Was on my way out to Cecil last Wednesday. Got halfway there and the car didnt want to shift. Made there and it was a quart low. NO evidence of leaks, at all. It just happened, like turning a switch. All the time before its been great, I mean great. Shifted amazing. Dropped the pan and had TONS...
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    Parts for sale/garage cleanout

    Tired of looking at this stuff in the garage plus I could use the cash to do other stuff to my GN. Item #1. Full Throttle Speed 1.375" solid rear swaybar. Copy of the old ATR bar that was so popular. I went 1.57 60' on this bar. Bought it new maybe two seasons ago. Upgraded to a H&R bar so its...
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    alignment specs?

    Got all the parts here for my front end rebuild I'm doing here soon. Just waiting on my caliper brackets and then I can get started. I got the bumpsteer kit with the Spohn GM spindle adapters and was wondering what the settings should be? Caster and camber and such. I think I remember reading...
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    external wastegate question

    Hey guys, I need some info on how the external wastegates work. It's not specifically a Buick related question, just a general one. My best friend has a turbo car (5.0) and we need it to pass inspection. We tried yesterday in Dover and it bombed the low idle HCs. Bad. It was over 1800ppm with...
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    Jeep steering shaft SNAFU!! Help!!!

    Went to put my Jeep steering shaft in today that I've had sitting here for forever. Got the stocker out and this one won't fit. I remember reading somewhere on here that it needed to be compressed. So we tried beating it gently with a hammer. It didn't budge. We know it's not welded solid...
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    Warped header repair?

    Need some advice here on what to do with my warped stock header. I need to have the crack repaired and went to have the flange checked for flatness. It was warped. By about 1/8"... :eek: How the hell does that happen? Well my welder assured me he "clamped it down good". Well apparently not...
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    Sonic Blue "Terminator" Cobra

    Ran into this guy at the local spot. Car looked great, beautiful blue paint and polished wheels. I asked him if he wanted to run. He had a upgraded heat exchanger, bigger exhaust, intake, tune and a pulley for the stock unported Eaton. We went from a 45 roll, not the best area for my car. First...
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    Three kills in under an hour!

    Had the GN out last Saturday night for a bit. Would've posted sooner but I've been busy. I left the garage where the car is at about 11:30pm EST. Headed out to the local Sunoco to put a bit of gas in it. On my way there I come across a riced out 300ZX. Big wheels, big exhaust, and a big body...
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    Where to find new pumps?

    Im pretty sure I hurt the pump in my trans after both of the cooler lines rubbed through on each other. Lost about 5 quarts of fluid but I made it home. Patched it up and managed to save the trans, for the most part. Shifts okay under light/part throttle but the pressure definitely isn't there...