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    Cecil buick day

    Where and when was it held
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    high mileage motor. done at 4000 rpm

    What size are the stock lower front shock bolts?
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    code 42

    back in Feb myTR6 coilpack went bad car missed on iniitail startup It would miss but smooth out after driving about 5 min . .I replaced coilpack. Sunday the miss returned with code 42. today after starting at the ECM because car was recenty painted i noticed the ECM was very dusty and surrounded...
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    Coilpack for TR6

    Today my TR 6 Delco coilpack needed replacing. About a month ago car would miss and hesitate on startup and last abut 5 min into driving . After that car ran perfect. Close inspection of coil tower#2 showed burned area and corrosion . Purchased new coil from Advance Auto Parts BWD igniton...
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    Threads all over the place

    On my Android phone threads are dated all over the place. What can I do to get some order?
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    What ever happened to him?
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    How did Cecil turn out?

    As title says
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    Thanks Amazon prime

    For deducting $10.99 from my bank account without my permission. Also notifing me this will occur monthly even though I never signed up:eek:
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    pl 2.6.8

    PL loaded unzipped on desktop windows 7 . Drivers are zipped do i need to unzip them and move to desktop too? I have tried since fri to load different PL versions from this site and Turbotweak with no luck. Thanks
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    There is a gas station in Woodbridge Va selling E85. Any other areas in VA selling it?
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    tr6 software upgrade

    Resently installed new timing chain . I used stock coil, mod, and TT chip during startup after reading posts of chain or cam sensor replacement no starts. Car ran fine . This week decided to change over to TR6 no start now stock setup back on. My question has TR6 been modified to tolerate...
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    What inj are these chips for?

    Extender chips BW057BIF ESP57BFA
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    timing tensioner

    How did you hold it back to install chain?
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    How do I remove this

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    My car will not start . What procedures for non start using tr6 Video only reference car running
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    March 25-27 DC armory car show

    Check out their website for more details
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    Snow post location , time and depth

    Woodbridge 5:18pm fri 3.5 in
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    log in

    Had a hard time logging in and posting today anyone else?
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    My day at Big Daddys

    What a great time . If u find yourself in the area pay a visit.