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    Needing a basic Translator for my Buick. Anyone got one they want to get rid of ?
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    I'm looking for a basic translator for my buick. Does anyone want to get rid of a good working unit ?
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    TTA Key Chain

    I'm looking for the Key Chain that came in the kit for the TTA, mine is missing and I would like to complete the set. If anyone has a nice one they would like to get rid of. Or the floor mats , I'm looking for those as well.
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    Rocker Arms Setup

    I'm looking for a set of T&D Rocker for GN1 Heads with the stock rocker setup.
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    Mini Starter

    Needing a mini Sterter, does anyone know what kind or the part number I need for this. Thanks
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    Running 120lbs inj.

    I was wondering if anyone out there has been running 120lbs inj. without a modified inj. driver in there ecm. I'm running into some issues with my GN and was wondering how everyone is running the bigger injectors without a million dollar XFI system. Is there such an animal, if so please help a...
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    Stock Gauges

    Help my stock gauges or reading wrong out of cal. All the LEDs are working but my RPM is about 1500rpm high and it is showing boost at idle. Need to FIX ...:confused:
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    Disc Brakes for 86 GN

    I'm looking for a set of drilled and slotted front rotors and a rear disc brake setup for my 86 GN. Can anyone help. :confused:
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    Reman MAF

    I am on my second MAF sensor (Reman) . I also changed my injectors and chip. Now I have a hesitation during tip in when taking off from a stop. I think its the MAF sensor but I'm hard pressed to condem it at this time. Any help would be great.
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    Duttweiler Neck for stock IC

    I'm looking to upgrade to a Duttweiler Neck for a stock IC. First off is it worth it and what kind of improvment should I see. :confused: Thanks
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    Crankcase Evac. Kit

    Help I'm looking for a crankcase evac. kit to be installed in to the valve covers. I don't need it to take the place of the PVC just help it under high boost. I've looked at an electrical and a mechnical vacuum pump. And Moroso make one that uses the exhaust pulse to help Evac. the blow by gases...
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    Questions about heads

    I'm am looking to change the cam in my car and would like to port and polish the heads while I'm at it . My question is , Can I use a set of passenger car heads and prep them first so I can just swap them out with out having any real down time . What vehicle will work and are there any special...
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    What is a stock innercooler good to MPH / TIME . I'm thinking about upgrading it. I have a TA49 / 40lbs red stripe inj. / SMC Alcohol kit / Caspers 7 pos chip / Kirban fuel pump / Adj. wastgate and fuel reg./ 3"ssdp caspers alt booster / Heated o2 sensor / 2800 stall , Trans Star shift kit in...
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    UNGN is right on the money !!! And it only takes about 5 minutes to install . ATR charges $39.95 for the Valve and $5 for shipping . And install it with a grain of salt . They told me that one turn of the knob was worth 1 1/2 lbs of boost (WRONG) Not in my case . I started at 14 lbs of boost...
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    Rims to Fit GN ?

    I'm am looking at a set of Rims for my 86 GN and was wondering what will fit. The Ones I am looking at are 16 x 8 w/ 5" bs . The tires are 245 / 60 / 16's They were on an S-10 . Does anyone know if these will fit. Thanks for the 4-11