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    Info needed on 17x11 rear

    I am looking for information on putting a set of 17x11 rear wheels on my Gn . Would like to know the wheel back spacing , tire size I need , and mods needed to run them on my car. Thanks in advance.
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    Easy-E good seller

    i bought a gn steering wheel from him a week or so ago. got it today just as described.. thanks
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    87 Gn radio

    I have a 87 Gn radio for sale. Very nice and in great shape. Tape player even Worked good when removed. 125.00
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    Looking for mesh style wheels

    I am looking for a set of mesh style wheels. Would like 17x8 for the front and 17x10 or11 for the rear. Or 2 16x10or11 to match my gta fronts.
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    Digital dash cluster

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    new parts for sale

    New Wolfe anti roll 240.00 New GNX emblems 140.00 (trunk and grill) GNX dash numbers ( i have 2) 300.00 each GNX intercooler decal 75.00 GNX ASC MCLAREN door decal 75.00 GNX front tag and decal for horn button 40.00 New set of plug wires (red) 35.00 shipping will be added to all of these items...
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    OSTRICH 2.0 setup for sy or ty

    i have a moats ostrich 2.0 setup for sale. 250.00 . bought it a while back decided not to use it, going another route. also i have a couple of dash clusters, 200.00 a piece.
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    Tlimited come by and bought some parts from me. he is a good guy and very good to deal with. hope to do business with him again in the future.
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    making room.. parts for sale

    set of export front bumper supports 75.00 30 over trw forged pistons on 2 dot rods 175.00 turbo crank turned 10/10 100.00 New set of GNX emblems 140.00 (grill and trunk ) GNX dash number 300.00 intercooler fans 40.00 nitrous kit for buick gn, 210.00 3.8 std bore block 200.00 set of new plug...
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    gn parts for sale

    i have a new rebuilt stock turbo 400.00 plus shipping . a new set of gnx fender flares 200.00 plus shipping. a set of stock wheels and center caps . 225 plus shipping. set of stock manifolds 200 plus shipping. new lower boxed rear control arms powder coated blue with urethane bushings . 150.00...
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    stage 2 parts

    i have a set of BMS stage 2 heads. They are pedestal mount rockers. 350.00 one set of t@d roller rocker arms shaft mount, 150.00 2 sets or offset roller lifters with rev kit 125.00 a set I also have an off center stage 2 intake converted to fuel injection.( Bungs and fuel rails installed...
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    stage 2 block oiling

    how much trouble is it to have the factory style oiling system on my on center stage 2 engine? it is going to be a driver and i want under the hood to look stock. thanks
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    how much can you bore a 4.1

    does anyone know roughly how much you can bore a stock gm 4.1 block? like what bore size will it be? roughly. thanks
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    WTB a 3.625 crankshaft

    i am looking for a good 3.625 crankshaft for my stage 2 engine i am building . let me know what you got. thanks
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    looking for a 3.625 stroke crankshaft.

    hello everyone.. i am in need of a 3.625 stroke crankshaft for my stage 2 engine. let me know what you got... thanks
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    in search of 4.1 forged pistons

    i am looking for a set of forged dish top pistons for my buick 4.1 . i need 20 or 30 over . thanks for looking
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    lots of new parts ....

    new parts laying around that i need to get out of the way because i have changed directions with my car!!!! new hotwire kit 50.00...
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    looking for 4.1 stage 2 on center block

    looking for a good 4.1 on center stage 2 block . just let me know what you got
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    parts for sale

    new hotwire kit 75.00 new scanmaster 2.1 with the new 2.2 update chip 300.00 new(rare) gn grill emblem 50.00 2 used rear quarter glasses chrome trim 80.00 both 2 used tail lights chrome trim 200.00 . new complete weatherstrip kit for a t-top car 350.00 . any questions pm me or call...
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    looking for 4.1 rotating assembly

    looking for a complete rotating assembly for a 4.1 block. forged pistons, good rods,good crank.