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  1. 750H.P.V6

    Driving your 5 second car to lunch

    For your enjoyment, Tom Bailey and Steve Morris driving Tom's 5 second pro mod Camaro to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Neal
  2. 750H.P.V6

    The Clinton dead pool

    Claims another victim. ;) Neal
  3. 750H.P.V6

    Although I'm not an Elon Musk fan...

    I'm glad someone is calling this out: Neal
  4. 750H.P.V6

    1987 Turn Signal Stalk. A good one.

    WTF? It's true to say that Donald Trump (love him or hate him) doesn't always appear to be lucid. Sometimes he says and does some stupid shit but really??? Neal
  5. 750H.P.V6

    Turbo Lou Grouchy old Bastard!

    Everyone already knows this. :p Happy New Year Guys! Neal
  6. 750H.P.V6

    Car Shipping

    Guy's, I bought a car in Ohio and am looking to ship it to Southern CA. Can anyone recommend a reliable / affordable car transport company? Thanks Neal
  7. 750H.P.V6

    Crappy weather , Fun times!

    Guy's, Just wanted to thank Mike, Eric and the crew for putting on another great event! :cool: Even though the weather wasn't the typical 90 degrees and sunny we usually see there was a great turnout. I don't know what the official car count was but it looked like a record to me! I'm still...
  8. 750H.P.V6

    Tipping point

    Is it fair to say that after 30+ years as a Turbo Buick enthusiast I'm not that enthusiastic about Turbo Buicks anymore? I've owned more of these cars than I can count. I've had everything for stockers to race cars and all variants in-between. I've enjoyed the camaraderie, racing, car shows...
  9. 750H.P.V6

    For Sale Stage II '87 Turbo T

    DISCLAIMER: I hope this isn't a rules violation not posting my car for sale in the correct forum. I'm looking for a local sale so the new owner can come see the car and I can give details on everything that has been done so everyone is on the same page and there is no surprises. Guy's, I'm...
  10. 750H.P.V6

    Garage find

    Guy's, I wanted to post up some pics of my latest project that I picked up last weekend. It's a '87 Turbo Regal Limited with 82k miles which hasn't been on the road in over 17 years. It needs a fair amount of restoration before I can drive anywhere but it has plenty of potential. Check it out...
  11. 750H.P.V6

    I think I've seen it all now

    Guy's, I've been playing with Turbo Buicks for a long time these days. I was fairly sure I had seen just about every possible modification and add on over the last 25 years + until I came across this...
  12. 750H.P.V6

    Bosch 160# injector failure

    Guy's, I was wondering if anyone other than me of course has ever had a Bosch 160# injector fail open while running E85? Electrically the injector seems fine it's just stuck open. FWIW, I had them cleaned and flowed by Chuck Leeper less than 500 miles ago and he gave them a clean bill of...
  13. 750H.P.V6

    WTB: 225 lb injectors

    Hi Guy's, I'm in the market for a set of injectors around 225 lb. If you've got some for sale please let me know. Thanks Neal
  14. 750H.P.V6

    Holy shit snacks Batman!

    I know there are some people out there with an unrealistic idea of what things are worth but WOW!:eek: Neal
  15. 750H.P.V6

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  16. 750H.P.V6

    2018 Dodge Demon

    840 H.P. and runs mid 9's out of the box. Nice! (y) Neal
  17. 750H.P.V6

    Favorite low buck daily driver

    Guy's, I was wondering what everyone likes as their favorite low buck (under $3k) daily driver? I'm partial to Buicks so mine is a 1998 Regal GS. It's a great urban assault vehicle for So. Cal where the average driver is typically distracted and marginally proficient even in dry conditions. I...
  18. 750H.P.V6

    Engine shipping

    Guy's, I haven't shipped an engine in probably 10+ years so I was looking for recommendations on shipping companies from those with recent experience. I posted it on U ship but so far the quotes seem no better than going UPS freight etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Neal
  19. 750H.P.V6

    Anyone near Lamar MO?

    Guy's, I'm out in So Cal, I have a guy who wants to sell me an engine who is in Lamar MO. Is there anyone who lives close to the area that might be able to check it out for me? Thanks Neal Steward
  20. 750H.P.V6

    Worn hood struts wanted

    Guy's, I know this sounds like a weird request but since I have a fiberglass hood worn hood struts work perfectly. If anyone has some and is about to throw them out please let me know. Thanks Neal