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  1. T- Type Tim

    E-mail from GM

    well 2020 trailboss got 22mpg on a recent road trip much better than the 92 k1500 i have that gets 14mpg and has half the horsepower
  2. T- Type Tim

    Volt booster removal

  3. T- Type Tim


    im your huckleberry
  4. T- Type Tim

    Nick Micale Arizonagn

    Did this ever get resolved?
  5. T- Type Tim

    Rear lower control arm decision

    i went with adjustable all the way around for the record
  6. T- Type Tim

    TR-6 On Twin Turbo

    what ever happened to NY Twin Turbo (joey)? he used to be a regular......his car was definitely a stand out
  7. T- Type Tim

    Damn I hate shade tree shit!!!!

    what can we do to make sure that doesnt happen again? ^
  8. T- Type Tim

    Injector time

    bump for pic
  9. T- Type Tim

    Which in-tank fuel pump??

  10. T- Type Tim


    what the f? Chuck?
  11. T- Type Tim


    Older version Not sure if it’s under or stock diameter Ran for several years no issues 25 bux plus UPS shipping and its yours
  12. T- Type Tim

    Check this out

    Simply bad ass. saw this out on my lunch break today
  13. T- Type Tim

    Wastegate spings

    I have a TIAL 38mm waste gate that i had previously controlled with a bleeder valve set up "tuner style". Iwould push about 26 psi on a safe tune with that setup. Recently I went to a Ball and spring type controller vs the bleeder style. Preliminary testing was very good with a harder boost...
  14. T- Type Tim

    gasket sale @rock auto

    for the price just grabbed a few spares
  15. T- Type Tim

    Operating cost of a TR

    My version (Consumables) this list is my yearly pre-track cost( for entertainment purpose only) 116 race fuel $90/5gal Wideband sensor $60 Narrowband sensor $12 ATI trans fluid $11/quart (7) Royal purple HPS...
  16. T- Type Tim

    20 bolt oil pan

    With 10 an drain fitting on passenger side no issues at all ran this for several years before switching to rjc will clean it up before shipping $50
  17. T- Type Tim

    Saw this at the drag strip today

  18. T- Type Tim

    Oil capacity

    Those running the Rjc race pan/ external ( big) oil cooler and bigger oil filter..... how many quarts are you using? I just put in 8.5 quarts to read the lower third operating range of the dipstick .