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    TH400 Billet aluminum forward drum

    Turbobitt, I finally finished them. Added the drain holes at the od to help return the oil flowing across those grooved clutch plates to the sump quickly and further reduce clutch housing weight when spinning by keeping the oil from backing up in the drum.Directs are in as well.Will post pics...
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    2004r billet aluminum overrun clutch piston

    High rpm usage in d4 range results in clutch piston spinnout in the overrun clutch housing, tearing up lip seals and eroding clutch piston legs off the base of the piston. This is the fix.
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    Another new upgrade for the 2004R. Billet aluminum Low Reverse Clutch Piston.
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    CK has added a section to their website with rare out of print principles of operation and technical manuals for various rear wheel drive automatic transmissions. This will primarily focus on GM and Ford. I will be adding an additional collection over the next few days and will advise when it...
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    OEM 2004R Principles of Operation Manuals

    If anyone is looking for original color copies of this out of print , obsolete manual. I have 3 copies for sale. All are in great shape, not perfect but probably the best condition you can find them in. Send me an email at if you are interested. $100.00 each. All three have...
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    New Release of OEM Buick Grand National Intermediate Servo

    CK Performance has reproduced the OEM 694 servo cover and 692 servo piston in 6061 billet aluminum. Improvements include an integral 3rd accumulator piston incorporated into the piston profile eliminating the need to locate and or manufacture this hard to find component. Overall dimensions mimic...
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    Another way to improve the TH400. Sheds 4 pounds off the forward clutch assembly which turns at engine speed (minus converter coupling losses) in all forward ranges.
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    2004R billet clutch pistons

    A member was just asking about this part, billet aluminum forward clutch piston, and I completed the run. The overdrive and low reverse will be a few weeks more. The direct is on my site. Anyhow, I just pulled a unit apart from a customer in jersey that had a version of a billet forward clutch...
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    CK PERFORMANCE billet forward drum

    From now till Saturday .CK billet forward drums are 225.00 shipped any quantity.
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    Another CK technical manual has arrived.
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    2004r billet drums and ring gears

    A few pairs on special. Drums 229.99 shipped. Ring gears 109.99 shipped. Til Friday.
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    CK Performance 4L80E Transmission

    2004 Core built up and dyno tested with 34 elment sprag, 4340 billet input shaft,billet intermediate pressure plate,steel forward clutch hub with bearing, press in 4130 sun gear shaft, auto shift valve body ,new pan all new electronics etc. 1699.00 shipped in the continental USA . No transbrake...
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    CK Performance Billet Forward Drums

    New Years special til Jan 5th. 229.00 shipped any quantity in cont .USA. EMAIL OR pm .Our new version is better than ever and is the only drum to be finish ground at the bushing journals.A really nice upgrade for your 2004R.
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    Stage Right style transbrake valves

    If anyone is interested or has our old style valve, we now have made the valve with a modification that improves oil pressure in low 1 and low2.Valves are 24.99 and will include complete Stage Right instructions so you can convert any set up you have to a Stage Right style brake. If you want to...
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    Shane I cannot get in touch with you via phone or PM, we are back from vacation.Please phone CK.631 218 1989/ 218 1048 OR 718 807 8110
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    New oversized TH400 center support with billet aluminum clutch piston

    Increase second gear clamping force by 800 pounds .This support has been designed for use with all aftermarket TH400 transmission cases but will also fit a stock case as well . Improves clutch life by increasing clamping force and improved distribution of clamping force. Close to 18.5 inches...
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    Additional Billet Transmission Parts.

    Billet direct clutch pistons for 2004R. 49.99 shipped.E4340 Billt input shafts for 4L80E $249.00 shipped. CK Billet 2004R servo 89.00 shipped.4L80E transmission 2003 model with billet input shaft and steel clutch hub ,all new clutches ,bands,steels, solenoids, brings, bushings 1499.00 shipped...
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    Back in stock. 6061 billet aluminum direct clutch pistons $49.99 Shipped. Till Monday ,PPAL
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    BILLET DRUMS 199 shipped.All checked for runout and include center support.BILLET OVERDRIVE CARRIERS 99 SHIPPED. Billet ring gears 99 shipped.This weekend only.Paypal or CC.Must e done via email.PPAL account is email