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    TPS Won’t go on upside down....pins are keyed
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    i see you’ve been firing the cannon. I’d hang onto the old ignition coil and module. Aftermarket units known to be hit and miss, unless you got them from one of the vendors on this forum. I’d get your data working, maybe borrow an ecm and troubleshoot so you have some dough left when the actual...
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    WTB Roller cam and lifters

    pm sent
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    ATR 1 3/8” Rear Sway Bar

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    MAF pipe & coupler

    Interested. Pm sent
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    Alky control pump leaking

    This thread may be a good reference: ALKY pump replacement do's and don'ts
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    Size of oail cooler adapter ports

    Does anyone know the thread for the radiator side of the oil cooler lines? Not using them any longer and want to get some plugs for the holes. I think I saw 3/4-18 somewhere?
  8. joed

    Size of oail cooler adapter ports

    I know it's old but just for reference Classic Tube sells a set BUO 1062 haven't see them though
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    Voltage booster

    How are you reading voltage and TPS at higher throttle....power logger? if so, is TPS a smooth path when driving does it jump around or look jagged? Wiggle the TPS leads and see if voltage looks strange. I agree with Nigel, something is not right here.
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    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    I've got a piece of 6"x6"x1" aluminum that's very flat, I'll use to true up both faces by hand. File first then a couple grits of paper. Will also use gasket. Thank you folks, I'll post back any findings of value once completed, might take some time, many projects right now.
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    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    Thanks Sam!...I'll let you know once I get into it.
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    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    ok, thank you for all the great inputs. My mind is percolating now. I probably won't hit any 1/2 thou! I can start with file, then aluminum block by hand. Feeler gauge and straight edge I am good with that. I'm afraid of power sander....bad experiences! lol
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    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    Thanks, Do you mean a gasket from ebay? I try to support our vendors when I can. The gasket worked out solving the issue?
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    old oil fill tube...

    yep. PM me and I'll send pics
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    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    Thanks Scooby doo and Brandon. I probably will use a gasket just to make sure. How do you get that surface flat in a DIY environment? I did my oil pump on a glass plate, but waay easier to handle than the DP!
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    Exhaust leak at downpipe / turbo

    Just found this leak that I originally thought was from the wastegate pivot rod...but now that it's apart I see the flange was not sealed at the bottom. What's best way to solve this? Also, does anyone recognize what downpipe this is? Bought from a member too long ago and no idea who made it.
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    ODDS & ENDS ( Look )

    Hi Mike, turbo 6 plate and chrome P/S cap if available.
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    OE downpipe elbow

    I have one, PM me and I'll get you pics.
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    Help with son's 87 GN

    So very sorry for your loss. Parents shouldn't have to lose children. Welcome to a fantastic group of cats and support for the incredible Turbo Buick. Given those pictures, you've definitely got some secrets and surprises coming your way. Someone like Jason with hands on experience is the way to...
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    FMIC for sale or trade for SLIC (not stock)

    Hey clusolynn, thanks for the response. Already made a deal.