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    3.56 stroke King billet crank

    Fairly common stroke after 3.625 and 3.590. 271.11 cubic inch.
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    Looking for a 87 oil pan

    PM sent
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    1985 Buick Grand National T-TYPE

    Adding your location would help.
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    Downpipes cheap

    It is cheap, to be honest after paying the shipping on the Kirban pipe I realize it is to cheap. New price on the remaining pipe $120 shipped.
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    Sorry, I already sold it.

    Sorry, I already sold it.
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    oil pan

    I PMed you.
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    oil pan

    Where are you located?
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    Downpipes cheap

    First is stainless lower 3 inch section of a Kirban downpipe. Lower section only. Second is a home built by someone downpipe I don't know much about as got it in on trade. Part of it is stainless and some of it may not be. Painted black and had 02 bung welded in. $100 on either shipped in...
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    109 Complete Block

    You say the cylinders measure "3.947", I would recheck that measurement.
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    STEEL Bumper Suport’s

    Sending you a PM.
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    STEEL Bumper Suport’s

    Not bumper shocks but the part the bumper shell fits over? I am in Indiana and can probably help.
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    Valve body and governor.

    Pull the governor and make sure the spring is still in place.
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    Cometic Oil Pan Gasket Install

    I have used a bunch of these over the years, always install them dry and many times have had to pry the oil pan off after removing all the bolts.
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    Used Taylor ThunderVolt 50 Wires

    Sorry for slow response. Not sure of part number, they came with a car I bought and I prefer smaller diameter wires. They are for a TR with a C3I.
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    BRF Transmission

    You looking for a core or a built unit? Where are you located?
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    BRF core this weekend at Salem Ohio Race

    If anyone needs/ wants a BRF tranny core and wants to pick it up at the Salem Ohio race this weekend let me know today as I am loading up and can bring it but will not unless needed. $500.
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    TSM at Salem?

    Is this Bo you speak of still alive? I have not heard from him all week.
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    TSM at Salem?

    I saw on facebook they have it scheduled to run on June 19th which is Friday. Who is in?
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    2 Turbo Regals for sale near and known to me, Florida

    And to the same person.
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    Bowling Green idea?

    Maybe everyone can try to show up to the Salem Ohio event June 18-20th.