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    Whats it worth?

    So I have an 83 turbo regal I parted out. Still have the transmission out of it 60k on it and it shifted just fine. What do you think it's worth? I plan on keeping it but if the right offer came up I might sell it.
  2. J

    Eagle crankshaft question

    My eagle crank came with the keyway already installed, using a rollmaster timing chain and the height of the keyway is maybe only halph of the slot on the crank gear. Has anyone seen this issue before and had problems with it? I would definitely be more comfortable with more engagement on the...
  3. J

    Cam install ta block

    Installing a crower solid roller in a ta block. First time working with one of these blocks and have a few questions on the front set up. The cam retainer plate that bolts to the front of the block does anyone know a torque spec? Then I have the spacer and drive gear, what orientation do they go...
  4. J

    Rod bolt stretch

    Arp 2000 rod bolts. Spec is max .0064 stretch. I came in at .007 on two of them. Would you back them off and seek up on the spec? Or would you be comfortable with .007? I'm thinking there could be a lot of human variables when taking measurements.
  5. J

    Off center connecting rod installation.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but when installing a off center rod either stock 2 dot or aftermarket forged piece. The bearing thangs face the pan rail and the offset of the rod will always be facing the counterweight of the crankshaft. Is this correct?
  6. J

    Turbo regal drag car

    Prefer no engine. Have cash
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    Pushrod questions

    Wanting to get opinions on the correct way to measure for Pushrod length. What checker do you use and how you do it. For adjustable rockers and stock rockers. Thanks in advance.
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    Front upper control arm

    Looking for pretty much just a stock replacement. Is there a brand that you prefer?
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    Ta block

    Is there some where that I can get a ton of information on to what goes in to building a ta aluminum block engine? As far as machining and assemble processes
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    Witch wideband?

    Haven't had to buy one in a while and was wondering if there are any new ones out that you prefer and why.
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    time to upgrade need sugestions

    So I have a 50,000 mile 87 gn in nice shape. Upgrades so far are hot wire kit with upgraded fuel pump, pypes exhaust no cat tt chip with stock injectors. cai and timing chain upgrade along with gauges and scanmaster. Car runs very well and I was planning on just using the stock turbo to its...
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    adjusting tv cable

    I want a little firmer shift going into second. Would I go a notch towards the front of the car or a notch towards the back of the car?
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    ccci fuse blow

    So if I drive my car 20 to 30 minutes the ten amp ccci fuse blows. Can anyone show me a schematic for this circuit or give me a little information about it? Have any of you had a problem like this before? I did just put a new ignition coil on it it fixed my running problem but now this is...
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    Backfire problem.

    So when I go to build boost most of the time the car will backfire out the intake. I put on a different maf that I got from a board member here and the car ran way better. It would stumble at idle before. When I look at my scan tool my maf,int,blm,tps all seem to be doing what there supposed...
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    air intake question

    so in the near future I will be going with a maf translator and new maf. My question is where is a good place to purchase every thing at once. The translator, harness adapter intake pipes and filter? I basically just want a complete bolt in kit when everthing arrives and I would like to get it...
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    oil prime question.

    have an engine that's been sitting a few years what do you guys use to prime the engine? Plan on starting it this weekend.
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    oil cooler line question

    Can someone please show or tell me the proper way to run the oil cooler lines?
  18. J

    radiator question?

    where can I buy a replacement radiator with both coolers in it I wasn't planning on spending the money on a alradco one right now but it looks like that's my only choice. Are there any other choices?
  19. J

    flushing out oil cooler

    So I put a used engine in my car that I bought off a member here a while back and my question is what is a good way to flush out the oil cooler while the radiator is still in the car? There was a lot of metal in the oil pan when I removed the previouse motor and I don't want that going into this...
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    Driver side exhaust manifold

    Mine is cracked and already has been repaired once. Looking for one in very nice shape if possible.