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  1. kidsixpack

    13,000 mile GN Advise?

    I've had my GN for about five years. Bought it with 10,000 miles. It's 100% untouched with the exception of a tire and wheel upgrade. I still have the original wheels and tires. I Would really like to drive it a little more! What is needed to upgrade the power master brakes? It makes...
  2. kidsixpack

    My GN and TTA

    Just Thought I’d throw on a pic. Hardtop 87 GN with just under 13k miles. 89TTA with just under 37k. KID
  3. kidsixpack

    1/18 GNX black chrome Diecast.

    1987 Buick GNX. With matching lithograph. The centennial 2003 GMP chrome with certificate of authticity paperwork gold plate number 180 of 547 produced for the series Text or call if you have questions or need pics 734-626-3485 $150 Thanks KID
  4. kidsixpack

    1/18 GMP turbo Buick Epitome

    I have 5 cars left. 1983 Molly/ Buick grand national prototype This includes The limited addition diecast car number Gold plate number 180 of 300 produced for the series. It includes the lithograph as well as the certificate of authenticity. also includes both boxes $150 1985 Buick grand...
  5. kidsixpack

    Grand National wheels

    I have four very nice used GN wheels. Nice chrome. They do not need to be Rechromed. To be show I'd repaint the black but the ok as is. No lugs or center caps. Local pick up is preferred. Located 30 miles south of Detroit. Asking $800 Call or text. 734-626-3485 KID
  6. kidsixpack

    Syclone at the Gratiot cruise

    There were a couple at the Woodward cruise along with at least three typhoons Only got one good pic. KID
  7. kidsixpack

    Epitome collection for sale with paperwork 2003 Buick centennial edition chrome Gen X

    87 T type. # 8006 gold plate addition #180 Window sticker/letter/ lithograph Slight crease on litho not visible when framed. Includes both boxes/litho box $175 delivered 1985 GN #8007 2 and the certificate of authenticity. Lithograph/letter also includes both boxes It's number 180 but no...
  8. kidsixpack

    Epitome collection

    Here's a link to pics and a list of what I have available. I'm separating the collection. Prices are negotiable! I'm prepared to ship but local pick up is fine...
  9. kidsixpack

    145 mph speedometer?

    I've been seeing these for years periodically, but quite a bit on cars advertised for sale lately. I know the GN's and T's came with 85 mph or digital dash. I've see Canadian cars in kph. IIRC there was a replacement cluster that read 160 mph back in the day. Is the 145 mpg speedo an overlay...
  10. kidsixpack

    GN in Appleton Wisconsin

    I missed out on a really decent looking GN that was listed on cl over the weekend. Did someone here buy it? KID
  11. kidsixpack

    Garage squad did a typoon

    I think its the most recent episode. Gave some insight into the breed. I'm sure it can be found on YouTube. KID
  12. kidsixpack

    Stock replacement exhaust system?

    My original exhaust system is in need of some work. A couple of the pipes as well as the muffler have holes. My car is completely ummodified. If it was 1988 I'd do a nice new dual system, but now I'd like as close to factory as I can get. Any full systems available? NOS would be cool but I'm...
  13. kidsixpack

    Correct window sticker

    Where can I have a new correct window sticker made? KID
  14. kidsixpack

    Wanted Buick (6) Decal Large

    I can't seem to find any of the 6 decals larger than 4". I'd like one at least 8"- 12" Thanks KID
  15. kidsixpack

    Vintage GN pic on the car hauler.

    I remember seeing these. I wish I would have taken more pics back in the day. We sure do take plenty now. KID
  16. kidsixpack

    GN bumper fillers?

    I'm sure it's been covored, but i'm unable to locate a thread. Is there a remedy for the oxidizing bumper fillers? They clean up, but turn again in just a couple days. Is there a cure? KID
  17. kidsixpack

    What's the Code for a full size spare tire?

    I'm pretty sure they were available yes? Could you get a GN with a full size GN wheel as a spare? I know I've seen a few, but was it available as a factory option? If so, what is the code on the truck tag? KID
  18. kidsixpack

    Cool GNX video from 87

    I'm sure not everyone has seen this. Jim Wangers has an interesting perspective. KID
  19. kidsixpack

    Corn fed happy to deal with again!

    TB member Cornfed answered a wanted ad that I posted for a for power seat switch. Super fast transaction and extremely carefully packaged! I'd happily deal with him again ! Thanks KID
  20. kidsixpack

    New 17" Cragar SS with BFG's

    These wheels are new! Fit a G body with lugs. Located 23 miles south of Detroit. Asking $1,100 plus shipping! KID