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    Question on GM 8 speed transmission

    Yeah I work at a gm dealer and have one of those torn down on my bench probably at least every other month.
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    Question on GM 8 speed transmission

    If the updated fluid flush has been done there's no point in doing it again. You could try replacing the torque converter. But usually they do damage to the pump and the trans has to be torn down. Pull the pan and see how bad it's contaminated. I've had a couple where just a converter...
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    Stage 2 TT street car

    If you don't want to run allky and are willing to go through the trouble of running a dual fuel system. Why no just run ethanol?
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    Turbo regal drag car

    Nope. Fat nat hooked it up. Great guy to deal with.
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    ALRADCO Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

    They were expensive I have one in one of my cars. Great fitting piece. It's been years but I'm pretty sure they were 600? Maybe.
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    1978 Regal '86 Drive line

    Yeah sure. But there really was nothing fancy about it. Just a stock rebuild at that time I didn't know much about strengthening them. And I reused the converter that was in it. It was a quick car. I forget the guy that did the swap he had a shop on brookpark road west side of Cleveland if I...
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    1978 Regal '86 Drive line

    Might of been wickliff
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    1978 Regal '86 Drive line

    Was that car originally from the willowick / Willoughby area? I think the guy went into the military or something like that. If it's the car I'm thinking of I did the transmission in that car probably 15 years ago. Same color interior and exterior.
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    Turbo regal drag car

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    WTB TA block or Stage 2 87 GN

    That roller sold. I'm looking for one setup like that myself.
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    This can’t be real?? (Vid)

    That car comes up for sale a lot. It's a real one
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    Couple charged after pulling gun

    I agree and I won't tolerate it. I'm right outside of Cleveland ohio. My wife is a successful stock broker her office is right in the middle of downtown Cleveland. You should see the bullshit that goes on in that city. She carries a piece in het purse every day. The shit that happens there is...
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    Couple charged after pulling gun

    I get what you were saying
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    Couple charged after pulling gun

    It's not about being filled with hate. It's about not tolerating ignorance.
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    Couple charged after pulling gun

    Its typical bullshit. I would of pulled a gun to. Fucking dumbass people. Take that however you want.
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    Broken timing gear teeth in oil pan

    Do a leak down
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    Turbo Pro Bracket @ the Quake

    What time do they open ? planing on going up there Saturday
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    Whats it worth?

    So I have an 83 turbo regal I parted out. Still have the transmission out of it 60k on it and it shifted just fine. What do you think it's worth? I plan on keeping it but if the right offer came up I might sell it.
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    PL datalogs showing bad valve springs?

    Why would you put on a set of "kirban" springs without knowing what cam is in it. Are you sure it's stock?