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  1. captndave737

    Some questions

    1.Why a fuseable link to the ECM instead of a fuse? 2. If the link burns out shouldn't the insulation melt? 3. I just had mine go out. The orange wire was broken inside the insulation right where it enters the Black cylinder. Is it possible it's just a physical break from years of bending and...
  2. captndave737

    KR at low boost

    I'm trying to figure out the KR right around 11# of boost. It looks like the actual fuel ratio goes slightly below target but I'm not sure what's going on.
  3. captndave737

    Bolt specs

    Does anyone know the bolt specs for the bell housing to engine block? Are the bolts supposed to have washers on them? I'm pretty sure they were grade 5 but not sure. I know they're 3/8-16 but what length? 1-1/4"? 1-1/2"?
  4. captndave737

    What are these fusible links everyone is talking about

    Someone asked this in a starter motor thread so I figured I'd answer it here. Fusible links on the starter: 1 powers the cooling fans 1 powers the lights 1 powers the starter switch, theft deterrent if...
  5. captndave737

    HR Rear Sway bar

    $350 plus shipping. A year old with about 800 street miles on it
  6. captndave737

    Biggie adapter and bad filters

    So I got an RJC biggie oil filter adapter and bought 5 WIX filters. I had never done this before but probably should have, I blew into the center hole on the oil filters to check the anti drain back valve as recommended by RJC and 3 out of the 5 failed! I guess I should have been doing this...
  7. captndave737

    Tuning advice/questions

    So here are a couple of pulls I made yesterday. The first one I get 3 deg. KR at the same time as a slight spike in RPM. Actual A/F is slightly richer than target A/F. The second no KR. I'm new to tuning with FAST so I'm looking for help in figuring out what's happening. FP rises 1-1 with...
  8. captndave737

    Help reading the log

    So here's the run on the dyno with 3 deg. of KR and a street pull with better voltage and 7.5 deg. KR. Tuning is new to me so I'm trying to figure this out.
  9. captndave737

    voltage reading

    I have an XFI sportsman and the voltage reads 1/2v lower than my volt meter. Where does the Sportsman read the voltage from?
  10. captndave737

    659 HP @ 21.5 lbs

    I finally got the car on the dyno at Richard Clarks yesterday. Clint was teaching me how to tune it. We got 659 HP @ 21.5 lbs of boost. When we upped the boost we got spark blowout. Need to reduce the gap and also fix a voltage problem as it was just above 12V the whole time. That's through...
  11. captndave737

    Oil leak

    Shortly after rebuilding my engine last year I developed a rather bad oil leak that was hard to find. Turns out it was from the front of the passenger side valve cover. I had installed TA headers and the flange was so close the edge of the valve cover was hitting it preventing the cover from...
  12. captndave737

    Ongoing project

    So after 30 years I rebuilt my engine at RC’s garage over the winter of 2017-2018. Drove the car for 6 months and brought it back in November to have Mike repair and massage the body and paint the car. I shaved the door handles and trunk lock 20+ years ago. I was going to have functional GNX...
  13. captndave737

    Advice sought.

    Right now I have stock front suspension with 2" lowering spindles. 1. What are the pro's and cons for lowering springs vs spindles? 2. Which are the best tubular control arms for handling and ride? I don't want to go coil over.
  14. captndave737

    quite a few parts

    DSE -1 1/4" rear sway bar. 3 1/2" LT1 MAF Sensor, Gen2 Translator, Extender Extreme G chip, 60# flow matched injectors, MAF Pipe and K&N filter. These are all matching parts and the Gen ll is already set up for the combo. 2 1/4" Kenne Bell dual exhaust Stock up pipe Stock down pipe Stock...
  15. captndave737

    ECM upgrade

    I just switched to an XFI Sportsman and E Dash and 80# injectors. Learning this thing will keep me busy for a while. In the meantime I have for sale, an Extender Extreme chip, flow matched 60# injectors, GEN ll MAF Translator, LT1 MAF, MAF pipe, connectors and clamps, and K&N filter that came...
  16. captndave737

    Alky install

    I have some questions about the wiring. 1.The instructions say to attach the tan wire on the LOW LEVEL LED to the tan wire but it doesn't say where to attach the red wire. 2. I have an aftermarket dash and no where to put the POWER INJECTOIN BULB. Can this be changed to an LED so it looks...
  17. captndave737

    Sportsman XFI install

    What should take 30 Minutes or so is taking me 2 days!!! I have shaved door handles and trunk and all my electrics for it was in the way Had to pull the dash off and rearrange things so everything would fit. Also putting Alky control.
  18. captndave737

    Running hot

    Ever since I put in my aluminum radiator and dual fans my temps have NEVER been higher than 5 deg. above my Tstat opening temp. which is 180. My chip commands the fans at 180 also. no matter how hot it was outside. Didn't matter if it was in stop and go driving or on the highway. About 3...
  19. captndave737

    Window Turbo

    This is ridiculous. I have suffered with slow windows for 30 years. I'd nod off trying to raise the passenger side it was so slow. I replaced the motors once which was a waste of time and money. I've read of other fixes but they were way too time consuming. With skepticism bought a Window...
  20. captndave737

    A arms and ball joint questions

    1.What do taller upper ball joints do? 2. Whats the difference between DSE, UMI, Hostchkis, and Ride Tech A arms in ride and handling? 3. I have 2" drop spindles. Will the above work with these?