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  1. T-CHRGD

    Coach's Custom Emblems

    Need to thin out my collection. $140 pair shipped (US48) $100 pair shipped $80 pair shipped
  2. T-CHRGD

    Angled IAC Housing, Kirban HD I/C Clamps, Logo Valve Stem Caps

    All New $80 shipped (US48) - Will include one of my IAC motor, and vacuum block gaskets. $30 shipped $15 shipped
  3. T-CHRGD

    NOS Hood Orn. / NOS A/C delete pulley / GNX Relay Brackets / Angled Breather

    NOS Hood Ornament - $180 shipped (US48) NOS GM A/C Delete Pulley - $45 shipped GNX Relay brackets & collars New (Kirban repro) $140 shipped Billet Angled Valve Cover Breather New - $45 shipped.
  4. T-CHRGD

    NOS Door Sill Plates

    Pair of NOS door sill plates (not repros) New in factory packaging. $300 shipped (US48) obo. Parts place lists them for $239 ea.
  5. T-CHRGD

    GMP Cars for Sale

    1/24 White T - $85 Shipped (US) 1/18 Grey T - $70 1/18 GNX X-RAY Signed by Rick Hunt - $100
  6. T-CHRGD

    Lot of 1/64 Cars

    $110 shipped US
  7. T-CHRGD

    Personalized Plate

    You know my plate for this So, I got a new plate for my new 97 GS daily driver
  8. T-CHRGD

    Palms Grand National Silver Strike

    I have 2 Palms Grand National Silver Strikes for sale. Any scratches in pictures are on the plastic case. Tokens are mint. $110 each shipped US
  9. T-CHRGD

    99 Regal Parts Car/Restore Project

    I am selling a 99 Regal LS for parts or restoration. Runs good. Inspected. Approx. 125k mi. Nice Pioneer/Alpine/Infinity stereo. ZZPERFORMANCE stainless downpipe with cat. 12” F body front brakes. GMPP swaybars. New resonator. Decent leather interior. Large dent in passenger front fender...
  10. T-CHRGD

    GMP GNX-XRAY - Signed by Rick Hunt

    GMP GNX-XRAY Signed by Rick Hunt $125 plus shipping.
  11. T-CHRGD

    Currie Currectracs Billet Aluminum Rear Lower Arms

    Currie Currectracs Billet Aluminum Rear Lower Arms, new (used for display only). Originally $400 Asking $275 plus shipping.
  12. T-CHRGD

    Palms Silver Strikes set.

    Looking to sell this set of 5 Palms Silver Strike collectible coins, which includes the 86/87 Grand National, 1932 Roadster, 1941 Gasser, 1950 Merc., and the Lister (misspelled on coin). Complete set only, I have no separate GN coins. Asking $250 shipped (US48)
  13. T-CHRGD

    NEW Currie Currectracs Upper Arms

    New Currie Currectracs rear upper arms. Discontinued for G body, but Johnny Joint parts are readily available. New $330 + shipping. Asking $280 shipped US.
  14. T-CHRGD

    SPID label question

    I’m looking to get a repro of my label done, but it is slightly defaced. On the bottom of the 87 label is a printed code. On GN’s and WE4’s it is usually U.WA848 On a Limited I have seen a U.WA8573l.WA8535 On T’s I’ve mostly seen U.WA8574 Mine is a very early 87 and the code looks like...
  15. T-CHRGD

    DC Tech Turbo Cover

    Polished aluminum. Great condition. Includes mounting hardware. $200 plus shipping and PayPal fees.
  16. T-CHRGD

    DC Tech polished aluminum turbo cover

    Used, but great condition. $275 shipped (US)
  17. T-CHRGD

    Am I a dumb ass or what ...

    After years of not knowing, I just figured out today, for the first time, that if you turn your phone sideways, you can read members signatures. Damn !! Please note - there is No question mark in the title. So, I am Not looking for an actual answer. Anyone who knows me, Knows the answer. :/
  18. T-CHRGD

    Pretty new toy !

    From Currie Enterprises. Strange HD Pro aluminum case. Platinum trac diff. 3.50 gear. Strange billet aluminum 1350 yoke.
  19. T-CHRGD

    Brake Quiz Time

    One of the most different looking brake hats I've seen. Can anyone guess what type of system this fits ?