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  1. mommasGN

    Lean issue with new combo. PL file attached

    hey guys. im in need of some advice. I just got my engine together and running last month(in sig). Together with this build i installed a new tt chip and and changed from a 3" lt1 to a 3.5 " ls1 sensor. engine runs and drives beautiful at light throttle. . I've been slowly giving it a...
  2. mommasGN

    2-step backfires or pops

    First time "2-stepper" here. haha. I finally got around to installing mine and everything seems to be working fine. My question is...Just how loud should it pop or backfire when on the 2 step? I have heard 2 steps on many other types of cars at the track before and or course there is some...
  3. mommasGN

    Wrong turbine housing?

    Hey guys. I bought a brand new precision 2666. The exhaust housing is a. 63 that comes separately. turbine housing does not fit over the turbine blades. What do these number on the housing mean?? Is this for a 6262 turbo and they just packaged it wrong? I'll call them in the...
  4. mommasGN

    Billet vacuum block

    $30 shipped. comes with gasket
  5. mommasGN

    Rollmaster "5" under timing chain

    I am selling a brand new Rollmaster .005 under timing chain. This is brand new and only taken out of the package for fitting. Not even bolted on. I bought this because my block was lined honed and the standard size was too loose. Well this one was too tight. Apparently not much had to be...
  6. mommasGN

    Stock rods/forged pistons. 2 timing chains

    Selling my used sealed power forged pistons/rods. the rods are the original 175,000 mile rods with ARP bolts. Sealed power forged pistons are 0.30 over and have roughly 30,000 miles on them. They are still in great shape, hardly any wear on the coating. $250 shipped 2 timing sets. One is a...
  7. mommasGN

    valve spring height question

    I'm setting up my heads and im having some issues. I'm using comp springs 26918-1 with a hyd. roller cam 69-400-8 I got the springs/retainers/ and locks as a kit. I need and installed height of 1.8. with no shims i am at 1.920. That just doesn't seem right. i do not, and probably...
  8. mommasGN

    crank balancing

    I am in the process of doing a full engine re-build using a long rod stroker kit. I weighed all the parts( pistons, rod big end/small end, wrist pins, clips, ring pack, and bearings) and set up the bob weights, and got to help balance the crankshaft myself. The machine shop was trilled at...
  9. mommasGN

    BHJ external balance damper

    I am selling my BHJ balancer because i need and internal balance for my current build. Comes with reluctor ring $400 shipped in the US or best offer. I ran this for 2 years.
  10. mommasGN

    Look at these cam bearings

    I just got these TA cam bearings. 2 of them have these scratches that I can feel with my fingernail. Send them back or can I take care of this with some scotchbrite?
  11. mommasGN

    Original stock location intercooler

    $250 shipped or best offer. This is the original intercooler that came with the car.
  12. mommasGN

    Looking for bore/hone plate to rent/buy

    Does anyone have a bore/ hone plate for rent? I would pay a deposit for the full price. And ship back. If not i'll have to buy one......who sells them?
  13. mommasGN

    60# injectors, E85 chip, stock heads

    60# flow matched injectors and matching e85 chip. One year old. $320 shipped. Id rather sell together. Nice set of stock cylinder heads. Valve job, and springs from TA performance 1 year ago. These were the original heads that came with the car....meaning not bought used from someone...
  14. mommasGN

    update scanmaster G

    Can the Scanmaster G only be updated via Bluetooth or can it be done through the powerogger?
  15. mommasGN

    Ported heads

    Are there any vendor that have ported iron heads IN STOCK and ready to ship? thanks
  16. mommasGN


    Any vendors have Ported iron heads IN STOCK and READY to ship?
  17. mommasGN

    Head question

    So I blew a HG for the second time. (I have since found why it ran lean and fixed that issue). My engine was running beautiful with the TA49 before this happened. My question is, would I benefit from champion heads, steel or aluminum, at this time? Or should I just slap a head gasket on...
  18. mommasGN


    Someone tell me this isn't my headgasket sticking out. Its on the drivers side. I was chasing an exhaust leak and noticed this. (I did have an exhaust leak at the manifold but sealed that up). Still have the craziest noise under boost 5psi and up, nothing at idle or cruising. I was going...
  19. mommasGN

    Anyone in NC racing tonight?

    There are small events/ test n tune at Piedmont, Farmington, and ZMaxx dragway. I'm right in the middle of all three. If any buick guys will be at one i'll join you.
  20. mommasGN

    My car loves E85

    I finally got around to installing my bigger pump and E85 chip. Wow, my car loves it. Feels great across the entire RPM band, I'm assuming this is because of the increased timing. And......Its only $2.20/gal. I love this stuff! What A/F is everyone targeting? I'm at 23 psi now on a TA49...