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    Downpipes cheap

    First is stainless lower 3 inch section of a Kirban downpipe. Lower section only. Second is a home built by someone downpipe I don't know much about as got it in on trade. Part of it is stainless and some of it may not be. Painted black and had 02 bung welded in. $100 on either shipped in...
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    BRF core this weekend at Salem Ohio Race

    If anyone needs/ wants a BRF tranny core and wants to pick it up at the Salem Ohio race this weekend let me know today as I am loading up and can bring it but will not unless needed. $500.
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    TSM at Salem?

    So will TSM be ran this year (2020) at the Buick race in Salem Ohio?
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    BRF tranny

    True BRF tranny. I have had it for years and do not remember the story behind it so selling as a core. $500. I can bring it to the GS Nats if needed.
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    702 Heads

    What is a used pair of 702 heads worth?
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    2 84-85 GN wheels

    A pair of 84-85 GN wheels. They are weathered but good candidates to be redone, be a spare set for racing or to carry a full size spare tire. $175 shipped in the 48. If local/ semi local we might be able to work out a hand off for less.
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    2 piece downpipe for 86-87 TR

    Used two piece 3 inch downpipe for 86-87 TR. Appears to be alumina zed steel. $100 shipped in lower 48.
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    Scorpion Rockers

    Used set of 1.6 ratio Scorpion roller rocker. These rockers are for Champion aluminum head. They have some marks and scratches but still very usable. Includes new rocker studs. The poly locks are missing. $185 shipped.
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    84/85 stock HA turbo complete

    I bought this a few years back at the GS Nationals from a fella and he stated it was working fine on his car before he removed it for an upgrade (no smoke no problems). It has normal (for a journal bearing turbo) up and down movement and a small amount of in and out movement. I bought it as it...
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    Pro Traxion Lower Trailing Arms

    New Pro Traxion adjustable lower trailing arms for a G body. Made by All Pro Motorsports. Very nice solidly made product. Includes the instructions. $275 shipped in the 48.
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    3 1/3 stainless cut out/ test pipe

    3 1/2 new stainless cut out/ test pipe. Comes with cap and hardware. $100 shipped in the 48.
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    On center and off center stage 2 intakes

    One of each. $150 each shipped in the lower 48. First two pics areally the on center.
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    Used 4.030 JE pistons

    Used set of 6 JE pistons. Set up for a 3.590 crank, 6.5 rod and 4.030 bore. One piston suffered a beating from a throttle body screw, look at pics. Will come with the blocker rings and Spirolocks. $150 shipped.
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    Used Taylor ThunderVolt 50 Wires

    Nice set of used Taylor ThunderVolt 50 10.4 mm spark plug wires. $50 shipped in the 48.
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    Gen 7 wiring harness new

    New Gen 7 engine harness. This is,what Accel provided with it'so system. Obviously could be used with another system by changing ends. I would recommend the buyer has wiring knowledge. Includespite a V6 injector wiring harness. $275 shipped.
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    3 1/2 inch cut out pipe

    Barely used 3 1/2 inch TA performance aluminized cut out / dump pipe. $80 shipped in lower 48.
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    Original Terry Houston Blank

    This is an original Terry Houston downpipe without the end (flange) on it. It is 3 inch high quality stainless steel mandrel bent pipe. Great for making your own downpipe or if you just want it as s piece of history. $300 shipped in the lower 48 states.
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    Custom 20 bolt oil pan

    Stock TR oil pan that has been deepened and modified for an external suction pump such as TA or Duttwieler. Powder coated gloss black. Not sure this would work with a girdle as it might not clear the crossmember. $250 shipped.
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    oil pan and front cover

    Used heavy duty bms frontcover $120 shipped. Used 14 bolt dry sump pan $75 shipped
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    55+ Buick Club Newsletters

    More than 55 Buick Club Newsletters from the 1990s. These were local clubs that were chapters of the GSCA. Information covers both Turbo cars and GS cars. Multiple clubs represented. $45 shipped to you.