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    Tach pickup under dash?

    Where is tach pickup under dash, i know where the pickup is by alt, but want tl wire it under dash
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    Plug wires for ls2 coils and tr6

    Looking to remote mount my ls2 coils on firewall. Which plug wires should I go with, and what ends do I need?
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    3" single exit exhaust

    Do any manufacturers still make a 3" single shot exhaust like the old atr setups? All i can find are the 4" single shots or dual 3".
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    Anybody from northwest indiana?

    I live in Dyer, just wondering if anybody else lives in the area. I see a gn w front mt driving around
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    Need good scan of wiring diagrams

    While I have the motor out of the car I'm trying to clean up the harness and fix whatever has been chopped or spliced up. Im trying to use the wiring diagrams from vortex and gnttype, but the quality is poor. Anybody have better copy of the wiring diagrams? Thanks
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    Need help picking chip

    Looking for opinions on which chip to run. setup is 64e ported irons 210 roller cam w good pistons and caps and 120# inj. Have gen ll scanmaster powerlogger and wideband. Running t400 trans and radio and hvac wiring all removed Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
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    WTB Seat belts

    Looking for front seat belts, any color. Thanks Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
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    Ls coil mount/bracket

    Does anybody have any pictures of hiw they mounted ls coils w tr6? Looking for ideas on how to mount them Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
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    Southside Machine tubular upper control arms

    The bushings are shot on my upper control arms, has anybody purchased the southside machine ones? Don't feel like popping for the gbodyparts or trz arms yet.
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    Help with my combo

    I've had my buick for a dozen or so years finally getting it painted and back on the street. Just wondering if I should change anything. Motor .030 over stock rods and crank forged pistons. All arp hardware. 210/215 roller cam Ported irons, intake, and plenum 55# inj T64e Fmic Electronics...
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    Wheel well molding

    In the process of getting my car stripped and repainted, it had vinyl halftop and all chrome trim. My question is has anyone not ran wheel well moulding, if so how'd it look. I have a set of black ones laying around. Just curious
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    Regal quarter glass question

    My regal has the vinyl halftop on it. The bodyman is removing it and its not going back on. My question is the quarter glass and trim the same between the vinyl top cars and solid roof cars? Thanks
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    Looking for pic white gn/t with black wheels

    Trying to decide on paint for my regal, thinking white pearl. Looking for picture of white gn or ttype with black wheels, aside from gnx wheels Thanks
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    Which forged piston?

    I'm getting my engine rebuilt, while I'm at it I'm going to have forged pistons put in. Any recommendations on which ones? I searched and only found people saying je's over diamond, but the post was from 09. I noticed most buick part retailers online carry the diamond pistons. Thanks Brian
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    classic tube fuel line

    I have brand new classic tube ss fuel line 95 shipped classic tube wants 120
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    another code 34 problem

    I've tried troubleshooting it from what i've read on the board. the car has a gen ll translator on it and a camaro lt1 maf. on the scanmaster w/ key on the af goes up when you press the pedal. i checked voltage at the connector the one had 12 one had 5 other was a good ground. I've tried a good...
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    15x10 5 3/4backspacing

    A friend offered me a sweet deal on aset of holeshots 15x10 w/ 5 3/4 backspace, am i right in that assuming a frame notch and rolled lips would be required
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    header panel

    I'm in the process of redoing my buick putting all my 87 parts back on my 82 body. Im in the process of stripping the header pannel for paint, do i have to strip the entire thing to bare fiberglass or just smooth
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    full throttle speed bumper fillers?

    I was looking into ordering a set of the front and rear bumper fillers from full throttle speed just curious to if anybody ever used them and how they fit.
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    gn doors gas, fuel tank, new fuel lines, heater core

    I have a set of gn doors they are solid some surface rust on bottoms of door and inside, one has glass and they do not have inner door panels. 150obo Turbo gas tank no fuel sending unit 50obo brand new ss fuel line 119 at classictube 90obo heater core make an offer pm for pics