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    Is the actually a new wheel or a re-leathered one ? Thanks
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    1986 GN brake upgrade ?

    I guess I just want to do whatever is the norm. I know that the brake systems in these cars atart to go over time. I guess I'd rather just replace to a new master cylinder..........if that's what the "common" problem is that happens to these cars over time. I don't know where I got the vaccuum...
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    1986 GN brake upgrade ?

    I appologize in advance for my lack of in-depth knowledge. Is that what I want to do ? Do I want to convert it to vaccuum ? I did search ebay (just to get ideas as to what is "for sale" out there) .......and I see a lot of new Master Cylinders for sale. Is that the way most of you are going ...
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    1986 GN brake upgrade ?

    The brake system on my car is stock. I have read somewhere here that the system is known to just stop working. I am starting to notice mine is acting up....(real hard to push pedal sometimes......then when the brakes finally do grab.......they grab real hard). Other times they work fine. Can...
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    GNS tail light LEDs

    Sure.......ummmm......apparently light green is not the same as yellow ! The spot in the wire harness I just happened to open up didn't have the yellow wire, so I naturally thought that the lime wire must really be the yellow wire ! Makes sense in a "dumb-dumb's" head anyway. FYI......yes the...
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    GNS tail light LEDs

    Fixed it ! Just didn't want the thread hanging open.
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    LED tail light little problem

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'm sorry for the trouble. Sure enough I did something wrong. Fixed it now. They work great !! I love them. My wife and I went for a ride yesterday, and wouldn't you know that I got asked about the tail lights ? Chris
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    Aaron. I see your posts under the electrical forum, specifically regarding the LEDs. Can you...

    Aaron. I see your posts under the electrical forum, specifically regarding the LEDs. Can you help me? I installed the tail light LEDs from GNS.....and only the passenger side works the way it should. The driver's side works when the parking and head lights are on, but it does not light up for...
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    GNS tail light LEDs

    I'm finished with the install. I have a problem......probably due to something I did....not a problem with the merchandise. Passenger side works perfectly........running lights, turn signals, hazards. All work with lights off or on. Driver's side - turn the runnign lights fine...
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    LED tail light little problem

    I'll start by saying I think my problem is due to something I did (or did wrongly). I have the LED kit Scot sells. It's all connected now. The passenger side is working problems. Running lights, lights, brakes, signals, hazards all work great. Driver's side is the problem. 1...
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    GNS tail light LEDs

    Wow....glad I asked ! I would never have found it. Strang that the directions just kinda skip over that part of the installation :(
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    GNS tail light LEDs

    I'm about half way through the installation. All is going well so far :) My question is probably really minor, but where do I plug the "no-load flasher" in ? Thanks, Chris
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    New LED 1192 replacement bulbs? Are they worth it? Anyone try these yet?

    It's been a while since I researched this. But here's the jist of what I found out. I was all gung-ho to get the ones for my taillights after I tinted them. I e-mailed and called the company that advertises on the banners here (or was at the time I was looking). Hopefully I don't sound too...
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    Need a new starter

    After 25 years, it finally went. Where can I get a good one? TIA, Chirs
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    ?? starter going

    It takes a loonnnggg time to turn over. Has happened the last 3 times I started it. After the second time, I put it on the trickle charger for a week. Same thing. I'm figuring it's the starter (original '86) I'm sure it's due. Any objections or comments before I go buy a new one...
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    dumb as question help please

    Guys, why even bother responding to this idiot ? Don't bother, then he'll shut up.
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    Storage Protection

    That "bubble" cover is funny. But the thing is.........I'm glad to see I'm not the only neurotic guy out there. I have a 2 car garage, and I built a wooden wall surrounging my car to protect it from the "elements" (read as ..."wife and kids" ) ha ha ha
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    Restoration of Blackout trim

    Ditto here 9 years ago.......and still holding on fine. I didn't strip off my original black finish though..........I just painted over it. So perhaps that's why it's lasing so long.
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    Shaving door handles

    Do it. It looks great. My buddy did it on his Camaro and it really looks awesome. Just that little thing really made his car different than all the rest. Especially if it's not the original doors anyway.........why not?!