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    Need maf translator 2

    Looking for a spare maf translator 2. Doesn't necessarily need the harness or chip.
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    Boostjunkie great to buy from

    It's nice to have good people to deal with. Boostjunkie is a great one.
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    Need 84-85 gn engine parts

    Looks like when I moved 6 years ago I left a whole bin of my engine parts at the old house. Now I'm putting my engine back together finally, and I'm finding the parts I'm missing. Or not finding them I guess. I need a 14 bolt pan, and a balancer with the reluctor wheel on it. That's all I see...
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    dank GN Thumbs up!

    Dank GN is great to buy from! Purchased late in the evening and parts were shipped the next day. Perfectly packaged, good parts, and a good price.
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    How many 84gn's are left?

    I still have mine.
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    Looking for a set of rocker arms and shafts

    Do you do pay pal? I can send the cash and an address.
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    Looking for a set of rocker arms and shafts

    Stock in uasable shape. Had a cam go flat and wore the tips. Thanks Danny
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    Alky, Buick Tach, LT70 & Chips...

    Money sent. Thanks Danny
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    New Eagle rods

    Are the rods sold?
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    Translator Pro, Bailey 2-step, and Scanmaster for sale. NEW PRICES

    I'll take the translator. Just tall me how you want to get paid. Thanks Danny
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    Dissabled closed loop on maf translaor gen 2

    I remembered finally that it was the chip I was thinking about being able to run open loop, but it was not set to open loop. The gen II was dumping the config files every time I tried to start it so I reset it and it stopped dumping but the car was running @9.8 afr above 1500 and no fuel below...
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    Dissabled closed loop on maf translaor gen 2

    Thanks for the reply, . I have the manual. I finally realized the closed lop funtion is in the chip. But what is wrong is the tuner is broken.
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    Dissabled closed loop on maf translaor gen 2

    Accidentally lost my configuration on my maf translator gen 2. Somehow when I get it running again it won't go closed loop. If I remember right the is a setting for that but I can't remember where it is in the sttings on the gen 2. I have a good o2 signal at the ecm, so I know it must just be...
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    Tell me why I can't do this

    Sounds like a fine idea to me. A guy needs to be able to crank up the boost once in a while. 18 psi and 96 octane should work great. Have fun! You do want to make sure everything is in good shape though. Plugs, wires, fuel pump, transmission. The list goes on and on. But if the car is in...
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    Barrett-Jackson Lot #5005 - 1987 BUICK GNX #482

    I looked at that GNX up close on the preview days. It was very nice. There were 3 GNs ant a light weight turbo t also. They all went for around18,500 and 23,000 from what I remember. Kinda sad. I remember 20 years ago they were valued around 20,000.
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    Stock turbo and wastegate

    I'll take it. Danny
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    Was told I need to rebuild engine - Chicago

    I don't understand the half assed part of replacing head gaskets with the engine in the car. Please fill us in. This guy has allready been told it needs a new engine when it sounds like only a head gasket. Why make him believe that anyone changing a head gasket without pulling the engine is...
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    Fast idle, open loop. Need help.

    Temp sensor is the prob. change it out and leave the iac alone for now. It is reading cold, and adding fuel. The iac is just reacting to the extra fuel being added when the engine is actually warm. If it didn't the o2 would be 8-900mv. It is doing the best it can while being given bad info from...
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    Another hybrid wagon

    Wow! I really like that! Very cool. Leave it alone. perfect just like that. Danny