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    parts for sale going to noble

    TT Alky chip with 60s 250.00 TT E85 chip with 80s 250.00 Scanmaster 2.1 150.00 TA49 with inlet bell precision exhaust side and garret comp side 150.00 Gray steering wheel with T horn button not cracked driver condition 100.00
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    Tom at Champion!!!!

    Outstanding products and phone support. Thanks.
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    Head Gasket Size

    Can I use a 4.020 cometic on a 109 block with iron heads?
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    Timing Cover Question

    Has anyone ever sent out their timing cover to a place like Calico to have their bearing coating applied to the oil pump gear pocket to bring the tolerance into spec? Side clearance. Maybe even the oil pump shaft bore.
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    Powerlogger and converter slip

    Can someone give an explanation on how to use this function, like what values to plug into 3rd and 4th to get an accurate calculation. Thanks in advance.
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    Misfiring Cylinders 2and 5

    Yesterday I developed a misfire at the stoplight, accelerated and it seemed to clear up. When I got home I felt and heard it again.I pulled the plugs and 2 were darker than the rest. 2 and 5. So I installed new plugs, a new gm ignition module, and a new gm coil. Started it up and still had the...
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    Just saw #420

    Got to look it over and spend time with the original ower,4100 miles. What an unexpected treat. The car has original tires......just a beautiful car.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    To everyone.
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    Exhaust housing swap question

    Is it possible to use a garret exhaust housing off a TA49 on a precision 6262 ballbearing billet wheel? Thanks in advance
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    Do yall think a new front pump would be standard in a $2200.00 rebuild in a non performance pickup transmission? 07 3/4 ton chebby
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    What has been your least favorite job on the Buick?

    I have to say mine was changing the control arm bushings in the axle housing. It was about as much fun as a big sneeze in the middle of a long piss. Would love to hear some of your stories on this topic. And i am still not sure of the results since i havent driven it yet. Dirty, bleeding, and...
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    P Code 0894

    Any ideas on this trans code? Fluid is full and pink. It shifts hard in all gears only after warm and if i shut it off for a few minutes and then drive it again it will shift fine for awhile. 07 Chebby 3/4 ton van. 100k miles.
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    109 standard bore block with caps

    prefer Kansas City,Wichita,Joplin areas
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    Kansas Liscence Plate NT4SALE

    Anyone on here have thar plate on a GNX or a clone?
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    AEM status light no workey

    the ready light blinks then stays on but the status light never comes on. any input would be appreciated. This is a new unit and the status light wont come on Checked all power and ground connections again. I am assuming this is why i cant get wb corrections with my tt 6.1 chip. All help is...
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    scanmaster 2.2 cant open input file PL020

    key on correct port entered and i receive the above notice when trying to update to the 2.2. Any help would be appreciated. powerlogger works fine and the scanmaster is still attached to the orange aldl wire from the ecm.
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    RJC 4 inch single shot

    Anyone used this exhaust with the HR Parts rear sway bar? I bought the exhaust already and am considering this rear bar but im concerned about fitment issues. All input would be helpful.
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    oil cooler adapter o-ring

    gm part # 25530999 i can not find a crross reference anywhere. any help would be appreciated.
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    RJC Racing two thumbs up!

    Placed an order monday for a 4 inch maf pipe,razors alchy, boost controller and everything was in stock and arrived at the door wednesday. Christmas in august!
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    Placed an order saturday on the website for chip injector combo,z06 maf,translator,and a new version scanmaster. Everything i ordered was on my doorstep wednesday. nuf said ! Thanks Alot!