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    1986 GN brake upgrade ?

    The brake system on my car is stock. I have read somewhere here that the system is known to just stop working. I am starting to notice mine is acting up....(real hard to push pedal sometimes......then when the brakes finally do grab.......they grab real hard). Other times they work fine. Can...
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    LED tail light little problem

    I'll start by saying I think my problem is due to something I did (or did wrongly). I have the LED kit Scot sells. It's all connected now. The passenger side is working problems. Running lights, lights, brakes, signals, hazards all work great. Driver's side is the problem. 1...
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    GNS tail light LEDs

    I'm about half way through the installation. All is going well so far :) My question is probably really minor, but where do I plug the "no-load flasher" in ? Thanks, Chris
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    Need a new starter

    After 25 years, it finally went. Where can I get a good one? TIA, Chirs
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    ?? starter going

    It takes a loonnnggg time to turn over. Has happened the last 3 times I started it. After the second time, I put it on the trickle charger for a week. Same thing. I'm figuring it's the starter (original '86) I'm sure it's due. Any objections or comments before I go buy a new one...
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    Removing marker light from bezel

    I'm yet to really look at these, so this may be a real easy question. Are the markers held into the bezels by screws? Or do they pop out? I just don't want to get all "gung-ho" and end up cracking my bezel. Any suggestions would be great.
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    Damn louvers

    :mad: I put on a set of the GNX louvers about 9 years ago when I had a total repaint done. The louvers were painted black as well at the same time. Well, low and frickin' behold, I noticed one of the louvers has 3 cracks in the edge of it. They show up as greyish white against the black...
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    So I was sitting in my car in the garage the other day, waiting for the weather to get nice so I can put insurance back on it, and I noticed (for about the hundredth time), that the steering column rattles like a piece of plastic is loose. Actually it its! The piece immediately below the...
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    Marker Lights

    Looking for a pair with black trim. Driver quality. Cash in hand. Money order ready to go out.;)
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    Taillight tinting

    This is in the "How To" section, sorry, but I think it will get more attention here. I'm going to tint the taillights with VHT tinting spray. It's been done here a lot by others. The one grip I hear is that the lights are dim after the tinting.....possibly unsafe. Take a look at the pic...
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    side markers

    I'm looking for both side marker lenses. Crack free. :D Thanks
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    Chrome Tail Light Bezels

    Set of tail light bezels in real nice condition. The chrome is intact. Not flaking off anywhere. The black area that is usually hidden when the truck is closed has some of the black paint flaking off. I don't see any cracks anywhere. I got them off a 1985 Regal that was cared for nicely...
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    I think I'm ready for Alky

    After almost a year of saving, I think I'm ready. I keep reading that it's the best way, and easiest, to get the potential power from our cars. I can follow instructions with the best of them, so I know I can install it myself (it just may take me 2 days instead of 2 hours :smile:) I'm a...
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    Darn gas guage

    It's "stuck"..........I guess. I can't see the needle anywhere (not near the "empty" end or the "full" end.) Do I have tp drop the gas tank and "unstick" the float to fix this???
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    New brakes

    I'm thinking I need to replace the original brakes on my 86 GN. They work "okay", and are in good shape, but I just think being 24 years old, I should be doing it. I want new rotors and pads........and maybe calipers too, but I don't know if I really need calipers or not. I've read all about...
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    Nice rims, but.....

    Take a look at these rims I came across on the net. They're exactly the style I've been looking for for my GN, however the price will prevent me from getting them. For 2 rims 17" x 10.5" and 2 rims 17" x 8"........ ........I was quoted $2600. Very well may be worth the $$, but way too rich...
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    Crazy asking prices!!

    The price guys are asking for parts for our cars is just astronomical. Have you seen ebay lately?? Buy it now prices real high, or better yet.....the seller just keeps "buying" his own parts back and re-listing them again....trying to get TOP dollar. Is it just me?.....or are prices just...
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    ebayer "product2" BEWARE

    I won't go into a lot of details here, but I'll be glad to go into details with anyone who wants to know. Just know that if you're looking to get this rear end cover for your GN, don't buy it off ebay from "product2", they are scam artists BIG time, and will take your money and send NO product...
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    looking for a few things

    1) tail lights (both). Don't really need the frames, just the lenses 2) turbo shield bracket 3) the triangle grey trim pieces for the seatbelts. They're just behind your head when you're sitting in the car. they cover the steel bracket that hold the seatbelts to the frame/roof. Let me know...
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    87 Grille

    I gotta laugh when I see these for sale. The price guys are asking is astronomical !!! It's getting crazy. If someone were to make these aftermarket.....they would do well for themselves indeed.