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    Carry this for me plz.....

    Fukin phone
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    Carry this for me plz.....

    Nice looking car, got anymore pictures to share?
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    Carry this for me plz.....

    Nice looking car, got anymore pictures to share?
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    Dead Cylinder

    Fuel pressure
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    Xfi help needed

    Another check that’s free, is your passenger side header hit the positive battery cable, new fuel filter is also an inexpensive preventative maintenance thing to try. I had a new filter fail, it was a canister type though.
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    Xfi help needed

    Yes the crank balancer bolt. If it becomes loose the reluctor ring can move forward enough to lose the crank signal.
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    Xfi help needed

    Did you check the balancer bolt?
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    Stock rear-end WANTED

    What state are you in?
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    1981 Malibu with Complete GN Drivetrain and Interior. MALIBOOST!

    Very cool, I like the dog dish caps a lot!
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    On the fence

    Keep it.
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    Search Function

    Not super detailed like it once was but it does work
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    Good, no mention of a virus
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    Let's all just lose our minds........

    To put things into perspective for myself I googled flu death for 2017 and 2018. The results surprised me for sure. For the USA only I found 69,000 flu related deaths for 2017 and 80,000 for 2018......
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    What fuel?
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    Need help! Starts then dies

    good find
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    Droped oil pan found vary fine small of metal in it.

    In another thread in the turbo section you stated your turbo is seized, the oil that goes through the turbo drains back to the pan.
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    Trailer queen?

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    Fast with Class

    Going fast with class= rob o, John plog, bison and plenty others. It’s still present imo .
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    Scammed by 87we4!!!

    Isn’t it time to make this guy go away? Luke is an outstanding person and has a long time good standing with this community.