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  1. Tim_D

    '86-'87 Engine Frame Brackets

    Looking for the steel brackets that connect between the rubber engine mounts and the frame cross-member. I figure this will be much simpler than fabbing or modifying the stock frame stands on my '64 Special. Feel free to contact me with price/availability to zip 48350 (SE Michigan).
  2. Tim_D

    Soft 1-2 Shift Problem

    Hi All, I'm having a problem with the 1-2 upshift on my 2004R. The car doesn't want to shift from first to second whatsoever, at any throttle opening, unless I back off the throttle. This occurs when the car is fully warm mostly, but also to a lesser extent when cold. As far as car info - the...
  3. Tim_D


    Uh oh.. I was leaving a car show on Saturday, and decided to hammer the throttle a little. I seemed to feel a little “pop”, from lack of a better description. After letting off the throttle, I have no power above 1500rpm or so, and there is zero boost/spool-up. Vacuum remains apparently...
  4. Tim_D

    More Idle Questions

    In a previous thread we discussed some issues I was having with getting my engine running correctly, after initial installation into a new chassis. Very helpful people helped me to establish I had fuel injector (minor) and MAF (major) issues. The car runs pretty darned well currently. However...
  5. Tim_D

    No Power Assist on Steering

    I've recently completed building a '64 Buick Special containing an '87 GN engine/trans. At the same time, I decided to switch the manual steering gear in the Special to a power unit from a GN, since the boxes are physically the same dimensions. I bought a re-manufactured gear and pump from Rock...
  6. Tim_D

    Preparing for LT1 MAF / Translator

    As the title suggests, what should I be doing to my car to get it ready for the new translator and MAF? 1) Wiring Requirements - what does the translator need (IGN power, GND, etc)? 2) Is there anything that needs to be prepped / adjusted on the car or the new MAF sensor / translator? Thanks...
  7. Tim_D

    WTB: MAF Translator

    Looking for anyone who may have an extra. Let me know if you have one!
  8. Tim_D

    Establishing Idle

    I've just completed assembling a hybrid 1964 Buick Special and an '87 Grand National powertrain. I got the car started last evening, however the idle is not tuned. A little research on this site identified a nice procedure at the following link -...
  9. Tim_D

    Vacuum "L" - Wastegate Solenoid

    Hi, looking for the "L" connector that attaches to the wastegate solenoid. See photo below - Thanks in advance,
  10. Tim_D

    Evap Canister Relocation

    I'm in the process of making a '64 Buick Special hybrid. I got a complete list of parts from the donor car, including the evap canister. Is there any reason why I cannot relocate the canister out of the engine compartment, towards the rear of the car? I prefer not to have to run a third fuel...
  11. Tim_D

    Building a 1964 Buick Special

    Thread to document the buildup of a low miles 1964 Buick Special with an engine/transmission from a 1987 Grand National. The car was purchased in the summer of 2017 from the second owner (I'm the third). It had about 55,000 documented miles. It's a post car with a 225 V6/ST300 2-speed auto. The...
  12. Tim_D

    '86-'87 Harnesses

    I have a stock '86 engine harness and a Casper's jumper harness (p/n 109028) for sale. The Casper's harness is new/never installed. The stock harness was from a car that (I was told) had about 90k miles, and was from a well-running car "that rusted out around the engine". I haven't tested the...
  13. Tim_D

    Been Lurking for A While...

    Hi, my name is Tim and I'll be putting together a hybrid based on a '64 Buck Special and an engine/trans combo removed from an '87 GN. The current car has a 225 odd-fire V6/ST300 auto trans combo, which will make the physical packaging of the GN stuff pretty tidy. The car is a ~57,000 mile...