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    Need maf translator 2

    Looking for a spare maf translator 2. Doesn't necessarily need the harness or chip.
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    Boostjunkie great to buy from

    It's nice to have good people to deal with. Boostjunkie is a great one.
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    Need 84-85 gn engine parts

    Looks like when I moved 6 years ago I left a whole bin of my engine parts at the old house. Now I'm putting my engine back together finally, and I'm finding the parts I'm missing. Or not finding them I guess. I need a 14 bolt pan, and a balancer with the reluctor wheel on it. That's all I see...
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    dank GN Thumbs up!

    Dank GN is great to buy from! Purchased late in the evening and parts were shipped the next day. Perfectly packaged, good parts, and a good price.
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    Looking for a set of rocker arms and shafts

    Stock in uasable shape. Had a cam go flat and wore the tips. Thanks Danny
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    Dissabled closed loop on maf translaor gen 2

    Accidentally lost my configuration on my maf translator gen 2. Somehow when I get it running again it won't go closed loop. If I remember right the is a setting for that but I can't remember where it is in the sttings on the gen 2. I have a good o2 signal at the ecm, so I know it must just be...
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    seven years

    Finally got my GN running after seven years of only working on everybody else's Buicks. It is no longer a hot air, but it is not a 87 set up either. It is running very nice @ 15psi boost. There is alot still to do, but I am driving it every day. WoooHoooo!
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    Redc5 plus plus

    Recieved radiator right away. Great communication, and very nice radiator! Thanks Peter! Danny
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    LED in speed sensor

    Has anyone tested the speed sensor led by disconnecting it from the back of the speedometer. It should light up with the key in the on position correct? If you have, what color is it? I know this sounds dumb, but I guess that is because I am dumb. The one I am testing doesn't light at all. Just...
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    CAT products. Have you used them?

    There are several CAT products available for use on our engines. I am wondering if your experience with them was acceptable or not. The crank shaft, girdle, and rods to be more specific. Did the crank fit into the block correctly? Was the girdle flat or warped? I am being told there are hundreds...
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    Bought a turbo from Prasad. It was freshly rebuilt, still in the bag. Put it on, and found that it had a bad oil seal. When I told him, he had another turbo in the mail within a couple days. He didn't say send that one back, and I'll get someone to take a look at it, or any number of other time...
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    Where to get larger puck

    I have a TA49 W/precision housing. I ported the stock elbow to use but the puck is not large enough to cover the hole. Where can I get a replacement? I am guessing a 1.5 in. is what is needed. Well the stock puck is 1.125, and the largest that will fit without custom fitment is 1.3in. I am...
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    4.1 head gaskets

    I am starting to build a 84 4.1. What head gaskets are available for boosted applications? Will the stage 2 gaskets work? The search engine gives me nothing on the 4.1 for some reason. Also looking for piston choices. Thanks Danny
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    OEM 4.1 heads

    I picked up a 4.1 block to build, and was wondering if the heads would be good to use also? I don't have them here to look at the casting #'s yet. Are they the same or close to 8445's? For some reason I could not get any info to come up on them in a search. Thanks Danny
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    Where is the ET list

    What happened to the ET list?
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    shifter bracket

    I had my tranny out for two years, and eventually bought a new transmission. I can't find my old shifter bracket(the arm on the shaft that the cable moves to shift). Where o where can I get another? Any one have one sitting around? Thanks. Later........ Danny
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    my front mount

    Hopefully here are some pics of my front mount fabrication. I mounted the IC where the radiator used to be.
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    Speedo gear tooth count

    How many teeth, and what color. The dealer can't tell me, and I lost the original. I'm ready to get this puppy running! Later.....Danny
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    It ran great for a day, then started with a miss, and now it won't start. It will try to start and then acts like a cross fire, or waste spark back fire and quits. Here is a list of new parts. ECU, chip,coil pack,ignition module,cam sensor,crank sensor, balancer, and mass air. The wiring harness...
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    Hot Air Hot Air

    Ok. I'm sorry if you don't understand the buicks waste spark system. You really should'nt assume that I have not used Nos on my 84 though. As I have spent several hours in the pits trying to get my turbo put back on in the dark in time for the next race. Have you used NOS on a hot air before? I...