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    Bought some valve covers from watson86

    As I said bought some valve cover from board member watson86 everything was packed well and as advertised prompt shipping. Thanks for your service. Noah. Sent from my SGH-I317M using Tapatalk
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    Gn1 Black Valve Covers

    Set of used Gn1 Black valve covers will fit champion or stock heads. They will clear roller and stock rockers. Bought these couple weeks ago from member on board and will be going to pick them up and would like to ship out at same time as I'm in Vancouver , Canada and have to cross the border to...
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    Wanted shifter handle

    Need a shifter handle and any hardware to install it i have an 87 gn but doesn't matter if it's stock or not something decent that works. I have the chrome post and the white plastic is still sitting in the top so I'll need whatever is missing to hook up a new handle. Thanks. Sent from my...
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    Wanted driver side marker light for 87 gn

    Looking for the marker light for driver side with good lenses and intact casing. Thanks. Sent from my SGH-I317M using Tapatalk
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    87 gn eng,trans,susp all new sell parts or as whole car?

    hey looking to sell the gn i built last year there is about 500mi. on it now... getting all the receipts together and my guess is around 25k in new parts... ...paid 11k for the car...and about 9 months of labour building it...still a couple things left to be totally...
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    Anyone ever put a COP bumper bar on their buick???

    ...trying to find a universal type police bumper bars they have on the front of their cars...trying to mad max this car and i need one of those big steel bars on my gn so i can run into/over stuff...anyone know of one that might fit on a G-body without too much modification...thanks in...
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    Anyone have a spal dual pancake fan part number that fits with the f-body rad???

    pretty much all in the there a dual pancake that fits with that setup?...tia...noah.
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    Another how damn fast am i and just an official update of my sig...

    hi everyone as some of you know my car is finally done...after about 11 months of blood , and a lot of sweat...but it is it fired up well , sounds great , changes gears its down to the any advice will help...i just set up my scanmaster and knock guage so...
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    Why would a thread be blocked about a product (headers) asking info about them when ?

    ...when there was no contact info for any vendor that might be selling them...i certainly dont have those possible kb headers...i dont remember posting any info on where to get them??? ...are we not allowed to talk about different products that are on the market for our cars now?...i really...
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    So everyone what do you think of these OG kenne bell headers? bout these headers coming out? http://www.************/forums/viewtopic.php?t=257 maybe this one might have to copy paste? http://www.************/forums/viewtopic.php?t=257&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
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    Need engine...tuning choices??? ive spent the last 8 months doing a high performance rebuild on my 87 gn...its almost all back now the choice i think is either.... ...a powerlogger, translator, ls1 maf, and a scanmaster??? (if needed im not sure)....this is probably the simpler way to go but add it up...
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    New engine...what chip???

    ...just finishing building close to 10 second has alky in it already...question is do i need to get the alcohol chip from TT or the street chip? will mostly be street driven but would also like to use the alky at times as well...can the street chip use alky but not full time like...
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    Wanted WEld Prostarts wheels...

    would like a set of four for my 87 grand national...ones that are already set up to fit on the gn...send me a msg if you have em...thanks noah.
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    gt6776 oil fitting on top???

    ...the controlled orifice fitting on top of the 76 turbo anyone know what size it is ?...or where to get a 90 degree fitting that will fit the turbo luber -4 an line...guess it would be a -4 female to male -4 90 degree fitting in order to make the turbo luber line go in the right direction...any...
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    HELP...what sizes are the fuel line fittings???

    ...ok here is the set leaving the hard lines that run from the tank to the engine as stock then i want to put in hose or braided steel lines after i guess one line will go into the new champion fuel rail i have and the other line will go into bottom of the adjustable fuel...
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    Another lifter preload, zero lash , t&d rocker question...

    ...i have stock ported heads , bought a hydraulic cam kit with springs, cam ,lifters , pushrods....i have t&d 1.55 roller pushrods are it as simple as turn the pushrod while tightening rocker then at end plus half a turn???...yes 1 is at tdc do i know i have...
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    GN1 Perfomance fmic install anyone have any pics or walkthrough?

    ...all in the title...thanks for help...noah.
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    what size battery is it?

    ...buying a battery hold down...its made for an optima red battery but im wondering what size the gns use ...the 75/25 or 75/35 or the 34/78 series battery...thanks noah.
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    Hard vac or?

    ...just wondering if it matters what kind of hard vac lines you get for an 87 gn...i saw some at se turbo chrome ones for 70 there anywhere to get just stock like ones black i guess?...and is that a good price or are they cheaper somewhere else?...thanks for info...noah.
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    WTB...tensioner pulley and intermediate steering shaft with mint cond. boot/ragjoint.

    ...send pm or email noah.