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    im haven a hard time..please help if you can! 99 buick regal gs

    Tps sensor is prob the issue. They won't always throw a code. See if the screws maybe loosened. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    $50 Sale List

    Are the c clip elim sold? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Chicago Trading post II

    Shoot! I had to reload the app just now. Kept booting me out for some reason. Damn.. I would have took you up on that. Thankyou for the offer. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Chicago Trading post II

    anyone near the nw side of chi have a scanner so I can see what codes my bmw threw to go into limp mode. can't drive it and don't have money to have it towed to a shop. any help is appreciated larry
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    Chicago Trading post II

    Nw side chi. I'm freakin worn out!
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    Chicago Trading post II

    Anyone have a welder near the bw fide of chi? Took down my rockers today and they are trashed. Gonna have to cut them out but need to be welded in. Won't be until later on this summer. I want to finish taking it all down to metal. Justcasking before hand.
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    Please read... YOUR input is needed, I'm at a loss here!

    Love the pic of the hackanic on the webpage. Fuckya with a smile.. What a twatwaffle!!!!
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    Please read... YOUR input is needed, I'm at a loss here!

    So out this ass already. Fuck'em and his shop. Keep wasting time and someone might be getting stuck as we speak
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    My dads GN is coming back to life!!

    Next time you spray make sure to wet down the entire floor. It will cut down on your dust issues alot
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    Is my restoration over

    All but qtr's. No one repops them. Really sucks. Got'em for every gbody but the regal.
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    Steer wheel resto ?

    I would think scotch brite pads would work also.
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    Please read... YOUR input is needed, I'm at a loss here!

    See what he is willing to do and get it on paper and signed that he will only work on it. pop in on him every couple days to see whos working on it and progress made. Don't call just go. If he blows it again then out him on here and maybe a civil suit. just sayin... It's what i would do. No...
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    5.3L Turbo Engine, 87 Cutlass Roller, Tons of Racing Parts

    Would you pull the h&r bar from the cutlass?
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    Shiny Part for sale

    What is the mileage on the cam?
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    Where are the Indiana owners?

    Who cares, DETROIT SUCKS!!!!!!!!
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    recovering seats? nos4gn? any recomendations

    You'll never get it to match just doing one. Even if the rest looks clean its not the same as it was in 86 just the sun has changed the colors l
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    I have a older kenwood passive eq that works great. Can control all other inputs sep from the subs.
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    New to "TR". Lots to Learn

    I would say if your going to go with new pistons you might as well go 30 over to open her open a bit more. Won't be much more cost wise.
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    Engine Questions

    Are the scrapes easily seen by eye or only if you rub your finger over it. If Just by finger i wouldn't worry.
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    o-ringed heads.

    Once heads are o-ringed that's it right? Have to have bolcked ringed also correct? Never seen a set so i don't know how deep they groove them. Seen a set for decent price but are ringed.