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    Fs holley hp efi

    Holley HP EFI For sale. For $1550, you get: -ECU p/n 510-113 (jegs price $1109) -Main Power Harness p/n 558-308 (jegs price $57) -LS1 harness p/n 558-102 (jegs price $365) -Holley 5 bar map sensor 558-108 (jegs price $98) -Holley NTK wideband 554-100 (jegs price $234) -4 x Holley coils 510-104...
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    Big injectors and holley efi for sale or trade

    I'm out of the race car business, want a decent driving tr. These race parts need to go. Got a new in the box holley hp efi. Comes with 4 of the holley coils (enough for a v8), new harness for ls, power harness, new Wideband sensor. Wanting $1550 or trade. See last paragraph for what I'm...
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    Fs pte 72 gtq and ptc 9.5 for 400

    The 72 has next to no use. Dyno session and less than 100 miles. Has 63 housing. $650 Sold The ptc is brand new in box, never opened. Was specd by Dusty for this turbo. It is an 18 blade. $800 Sold Also have an ad up for 6 x pte 225 lb injectors for $650 Will make combo deals!!
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    Fs 225 lb pte injectors

    These are like new. One dyno session and a less than 50 street miles at most. $650 obo for them They are $180...
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    Fs: PTE 225LB injectors

    No much use, zero passes, one dyno trip and less than 100 miles $800 for the set of 6 Posted from the...
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    Wtb scorpion rockers, actually only need a few...

    1.55 ratio. Don't need a full set but if someone has a set for cheap, that will work. Do not need studs. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Fs: 220lb Pte injectors. Will trade for...

    These have very low usage, like less than 50 miles and zero drag passes. They are about $200 each new. I'd take $800 or trade for a 109 long/short block Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Fs holley efi hp, kenne belle headers, 72gtq, LS headers

    I'm considering a job change to be home with the family more. Putting car on back burner for a bit holley efi hp, never used LS harness 4 holley coils, mounted but never fired 5 bar map Wideband sensor Power harness Iat sensor $2k obo All unused! Kenne belle headers, $500 obo LS OBX...
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    Does anyone make a vacuum block off for the throttle body?

    I don't need any vacuum ports coming off the throttle body. Does anyone make a block with no ports? Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Fs autometer 30 psi gauge

    Comes with gauge and cup. Not mint but in OK shape. It works. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    FS: 8.5" rearend

    Has 3.42 gears, moser axles and auburn posi. Comes drum to drum. Will include stock driveshaft Pick up only. zip code 47025 $1150, no trades
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    What posi is this?

    I know it isn't stock.
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    Fs MSD dis-4 Plus and coil pack/module

    Selling as one package. Came off a running car that had xfi. $400 shipped in the 48
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    Fs 95# injectors

    I got 8 of them. Racetronix injectors. 2 of them are unused. Bought them for a v8 project that wasn't ever finished. The other 6 have limited use. $250 shipped for all 8. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    New E85 setup

    I decided to make a 9.9 pump E85 street car. I have everything to finish it but time lol. I got a wounded motor (owner broke a rocker stud and limped it home like this lol) in a deal that needs a few things to get it going. I tuned it with a xfi in another car and we did 575 at the wheels on...
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    Midwest tsm get together?

    Anyone interested in getting a couple of unofficial races together this summer? We have enough slow tsm cars up here (all within 2 hours or so) to have some fun (me, Tom R, Tim and Ronnie, Kessler, Slusser, Hess, Clay, etc...). We could do it at muncie, edgewater, or kilkare. I know...
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    Fs: injectors (50, 95, 220), atr headers, ptc 9.5, roller cam, heads, big wastegate

    Injectors for sale, torque converters for sale, atr headers, roller cam and hardware, ported heads. 95# racetronix I have 8 of these for sale. 2 are brand new, never used (bolted into place but never have had fuel to them.) the other 6 have a year of use on them. I used these on my...
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    Fs racetronix 95# injectors (8) and 6 50# injectors

    Please delete
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    Are these coil overs any good?,38088.html Double adjustable qa1's. For mostly a track car. Posted from the TurboBuick.Com mobile app
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    Fs: 2 x 17 blade 9.5" ptc

    I got 2 of these for sale, only want to sell one. Both are from Dusty. First is new in the box. . $850 shipped. Second has a few track appearances. Was in low 9 second tsm car. $700 shipped. Both are for a 400/350 Only selling one. Keeping the other for my car. Posted from the...