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  1. TireFryer

    Biggest injector on stock ecm

    Going e85 soon. Have a dw300 pump. I have 80’s but I don’t think those will be enough with e, can I run the turbotweak 95’s? What would a dw300 and 80’s be capable of? I’m getting new fuel lines as well. Can you run 120’s on stock ecm? Goal would be a 11.0 car. At the max. I could go a 450 pump...
  2. TireFryer

    DFI EFI system?

    Seen this today, read some old threads about them, is this worth snatching up for 75$??? Might not be a Holley or a fast but hey.
  3. TireFryer

    Time for a new chip? Run file attached

    So I did a thing. I run the car around on low timing just to be safe on the streets. Sooooo I decided to turn up the boost... went a little farther than I thought but as you can see... 27 psi, no detonation. I was commanding 10.5 afr at wot, and it was around 11.0, again I kept in it because it...
  4. TireFryer

    External trans cooler

    I’m getting ready to install my cruz performance tranny cooler, I was told by him that I need to just run that cooler and forget the rad cooler as this massive one (that I’m mounting in front of the ac condenser, yes the lines are long enough) will cool better than the rad ever will. I have a...
  5. TireFryer

    New engine

    So, I think I’ve posted before, but my engine is tired. Very tired. It smokes out the tailpipes hot and puffs a ton on a hot start. Noticed my oil pressure cruising is starting to fall. It was 95° yesterday so it just might be hot oil… I’m going to take the downpipe off and check the turbo seal...
  6. TireFryer

    Lots of Steering wheel slop

    How do I fix this or pay someone to fix it because I don’t want to
  7. TireFryer

    Considering E-85 Conversion, seeking opinions.

    I'm seriously considering switching to e85. It's available in my area and I got a new daily to drive so it's not like I'd be driving all the time like I did last year. What would I need to change (Look at signature for car details)? I have a dw300 I can install and I have a new in tank wiring...
  8. TireFryer

    Man I love this car(but also hate it sometimes)

    I love this car. When it runs right. When it doesn’t… well… I’ll come back here for advise lol.
  9. TireFryer

    Cat Converter Hanger

    Apparently, this was removed from my car - not a fan of letting the exhaust just hang, so if you have a spare cat converter hanger, please send me pics/price. Thank you.
  10. TireFryer

    Smoke on startup

    I’m just guessing that our cars smoke on startup? It’s blue and oil smelling? Only on startup and when idling for a LONG time. No smoke during driving or at wot... New head gaskets and the oil doesn't have water on it and the water doesn't have oil in it.
  11. TireFryer

    Looking for a turbo

    Looking for a turbo... te 45a, te60, 6262 or similar...
  12. TireFryer

    WTB: -6AN fuel return line

    Thought I would check here before I make one. Thanks.
  13. TireFryer

    Lean at wot

    So i took the car for a drive today. It has a hood mounted gauge and it's set at 42 psi line ON. If i drive it normally it runs nice and doesn't sputter or spit. But if i give it some gas to get going over a hill or something, it goes lean instantly. I gave it some juice to around 1-2 psi and I...
  14. TireFryer

    Aeromotive 340 Stealth fuel pump, sender, hanger (MI)

    I bought a used Aeromotive 340 Stealth fuel pump complete with sender and hanger as a backup, but never installed it. It comes with -6AN Earl fittings for feed and return lines. $200 + S&H
  15. TireFryer

    WTB Passenger side underdash panel

    Looking for the panel that goes under the passenger side dash. I have a driver side so just need that passenger side. Thanks
  16. TireFryer

    QTP 3.5” cutout

    I have a qtp three and a half inch cutout. My test pipe has a 3 inch cutout so this doesn’t work. Asking $100 or would trade for a 3 inch cutout. Thanks!
  17. TireFryer

    Rotella T4 triple

    I bought Rotella t4 triple because of the high zddp (1150-1250 ppm) But I’ve been reading mixed reviews on it... Is it sufficient? Can I break in the cam with this oil? Should I add a bottle of zddp?
  18. TireFryer

    WTB: turbo oil feed line (for PTE turbo saver)

    Installing a PTE turbo saver and need a turbo oil feed line (~36" long) - please PM me pics and price. Thank you
  19. TireFryer

    Front timing cover with melling HV oil pump and water pump (MI)

    Looks like I ended up with a couple of reworked front timing covers with blue-printed oil pump so selling one set. Oil channels have been opened, melling HV oil pump (blue printed), water pump. Selling as complete unit. $240 + SH (paypal F&F or add 3%) Located in Michigan
  20. TireFryer

    WTB: Stock 86-87 turbo engine

    I am looking for a stock 86-87 turbo engine. Preferably one that ran and had good oil psi. Stock or mildly modded is fine. My engine just needs a complete overhaul and just need a driving car. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks