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    :unsure: I don't see the price anywhere on the raffle page or emails ?
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    Friends of Big Mike

    The old forum doesn't get many eyeballs nowadays but if anyone knows Mike and wishes to participate: Thanks
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    Cooling Solutions

    Yep, nobody here thought of that?
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    Buick in Electronics Mfg Promo

    Lattice Semiconductor promotional video: If you just want to see the bit with a Buick:
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    Best packer I have ever seen. May actually have packed better than m233roller (sorry mike :) ) Bone china , Ming vases would have survived easily. First guy to call me (long distance!) - more than once to give me updates! Thanks Rob
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    Signatures over the top?

    Do we really need youtube links in sigs that fill 3/4 of a page? Perhaps clickthru's are a revenue source but smaller would less intrusive?
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    Hotwheels stock GN?

    Which of the various hotwheels look most like a stock GN?
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    This picture needs a caption!

    Suggestions? :)
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    JarredSoon Edmonton

    For your BPG scrapbook: For hig res deleted the "b" in the links Have a safe trip Dave
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    June 26 : 2nd Annual Ontario TR Wild-Wing meeting

    Quote: What? You should know the drill by now, we did this last year after all. But I get it, some of you senior citizens memory span barely extends past 1 week, let alone 1 year. For those of you that don't know, I think the name pretty much sums it up... we meet at Wild-Wing... with...
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    Comparing seat covers

    Has anyone had an opportunity to physically compare the best from ACC and PUI and Jax? for match to original materials? Anyone stand out?
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    XRAY?- something else?

    1987 buick regal t only one ever built For Sale
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    Paging 278cikiller

    You working tomorrow? (Tues)
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    Power Lock mechanism styles

    There appear to be at least two styles of mechanisms. Can someone identify how the rod attaches to the soleniod/motor in style2 ?
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    Bumperette Restoral

    Now that I found where I hid the bumperette's salvaged rubber strip does anyone have a recommended strategy to replace the corroded metal reinforcing strip and bolt the assembly back on the metal bumperette? Dave
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    glass stop rivets

    This may help someone. GM:9437938 obsolete Ford:385323-S100 ? Chrysler:6031091 ? description: Peel Type Rivet or T-type or window regulator rivet 1/4 by 1/2 (33/64") Fastenall 0162917 ACS ACS-2023 Tec-N-Tec FLA8620 Avdel TABS8620 Cherry BSPT-8-625 HUCK TABS8620 POP AD8620TFBS SPAENAUR...