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    13k mile astroroof 87 gn

    I think I can get this car right , what’s it worth with fac tires and wheels less than 1k on then ::: seats still have blue tint to then ?
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    What’s fastest time on 8 inch rear wheels?

    Like title says what’s fastest pass on 8 inch wheels on dr’s and slicks ? I got everything to notch rer but don’t want to buckle 1.4’s
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    KB hood fuel gauge an bracket

    Anyone have a KB fuel gauge an bracket for the hood they want to sell ??
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    Rjc 5 inch dp

    anyone running an rjc 5 inch dp ? I'm having trouble lining up the waste gate arm
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    Hartline performance

    I wanna think miss Hartline ( Holly ) for helping me out setting up my xfi .. she was very understanding and helped me a lot and saved me money.... Great Company to deal with !
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    what drill an tap for iat in dog housing?

    what size drill bit an tap for my dog house to accept a iat ?
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    what rwhp to expect from portedf heads stock bottom end 6768?

    what rwhp have yall made with ported heads stock bottom end with a 6768 billet dbb turbo thanks. 2004r non lock up tc ?
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    factory electric brake master cylinder

    I figure id ask u guys how much is a factory electric master cylinder brake core worth ?
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    DD 87 GN power seats

    I seen this guy at my local post office. Remember seeing this car about 10yrs ago. Asked him was it forsale ? Sure everything has a price he said. guess what he was asking for it ? od had 77k miles
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    WTB nice 3 1/2 inch ss THDP

    as title sales I need a 3 1/2 ss THDP if I cant find one ill buy a new T/A performance plz message me if you have a nice dp forsale!
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    2 step .. who sells the best 2 step for our cars ?

    Im looking at buying a 2 step who sells the best 1 for our cars ? Thanks
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    RJC 5 inch dp anyone running one with a/c ???

    Keith got it to fit but it just didn't slip in place
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    whos going ? Thinking about taking the TTA had 1 stong offer declinded it last time
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    NC Auto fair TTA#299 will be forsale

    as topic reads im taking TTA#299 to auto fair to sell
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    NC turbos keith

    anyone heard from keith ?
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    NCturbos keith got my upper an lower arm on and brakes

    I think it makes the open wheel look a lot better got the required long studs on the rear also.... stil have rear drums for now
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    50# flow matched inj and a joe lubrant 110 race chip

    50# flow matched inj and joe lubrant race chip 110 octane 26 degree timing. chip locks the converter @ 60mph 150 with chip 125 without chip
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    arp stud # for champion aluminum heads for the rocker shafts

    ive seen it before and lost the part # from summit. thanks in advance Scott