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    FOR SALE: Original Grey 1987 Buick Regal Turbo T Steering Wheel

    Hi, Looking for a set of 120lb high impedance injectors for my 86 T-Type...Wanting to go E-85 Thanks!!
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    Scanmaster For Sale

    Hi, I have a Scanmaster 2.1 for sale 160 shipped to the lower 48 Thanks!!
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    XFI Harness

    Looking for the harness that goes from a Sportsman to the adaptor box Thanks!!
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    Parts for sale

    Hi, to all Here are a couple of parts I have for sale due to going XFI Scanmaster 2.1 = 160.00 Maf Translator = 150.00 3.5 Maf Sensor = 50.00 60lb injectors = 160.00 I have 2 chips for 60lb injectors - Extender chip for a TE45 turbo and Champion Irons / Turbo Tweak chip for same mods =...
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    Pro Torque Converter / Modded ECM

    Hi, to all I have the following parts for sale 10" LU 3200 stall Pro Torque Converter for sale - No issues removed to go to 9.5" NLU = 260.00 Shipped Modded ECM for both High and Low impedance injectors = 140.00 Shipped If using Pay Pal send friends and family or add 3%
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    Converter, Modded ECM, Etc For Sale

    Hi, to all I have the following parts for sale 10" LU 3200 stall Pro Torque Converter for sale - No issues removed to go to 9.5" NLU = 300.00 Shipped Modded ECM for both High and Low impedance injectors = 160.00 Shipped 2 Stock Balancers = 60 each shipped Rear Speaker brackets = 30.00...
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    Champion fuel rails

    I have a set of Champion fuel rails that is made for having the regulator mounted to it...Comes with 2 sets of hoses that connects the fuel rails and the fittings for fuel lines to connect 225 Plus the ride
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    Passenge side fuel line

    Looking for the passenger side fuel line that goes from the stock fuel rail to the hard lines that run to the tank Thanks!!
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    Cam Sensor Issue???

    I'm having multiple issues at the moment and do not know if they are related... 1st off the car is cranking longer than I would like before starting...Once started it idles fine, but once warmed up the BLM's are going to 160. Sometimes after it has been running for awhile it will sit there with...
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    Seat upholstery

    Hi, to all I can't say for certain so maybe someone can confirm...I have blue seat upholstery that came with a turbo Buick I no longer have...It has some markings printed on it and it seems to be OEM... Check out the pictures and let me know what you think
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    Reed Cam F/S

    I have a 207/207 Reed flat tappet cam for sale; went roller...Comes with push rods and lifters... 175 Shipped
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    Lower Intake

    Up for sale is a powder coated intake...It does have some spots, but is a nice color and has not been bolted on since getting coated!! Overall this intake is in good shape...The EGR tower has been removed, but no port work has been done... 165 shipped to the lower 48 States!!
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    Parts For Sale

    All parts are shipped prices to the lower 48 states 1. - Power Steering Pump and Pulley ---- 75 Shipped 2 - Water pump pulley ---- 25 Shipped 3. - Passenger Header ---- 65 Shipped 4. - Throttle Body complete minus Tps ---- 55 Shipped ----Sold 5. - Oil Filter Adaptor ---- 25 Shipped 6. -...
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    ****Powder Coated Parts****

    Hi, to all I have some powder coated parts for sale...Not the best powder coat I've seen, but they are nice and have not been bolted up since getting coated!! Shipped prices are to the lower 48 states!!! Lower Intake with EGR tower cut out and no port work done: 250 shipped!! ----- 200 shipped...
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    Parts For Sale

    Hi, to all I have a few parts for sale...These shipped prices are to the lower 48 states!! 1) Scanmaster 2.1 works great = 175 Shipped!! -----Sold 2) Power Steering Reservoir with cap = 120 Shipped!! ----- $ 100.00 Shipped ----$90.00 Shipped--Sold 3) Adjustable waste gate with hoses and the...
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    Hotchkis Lowering Springs

    Hi, to all :) I have front and rear Hotchkis lowering springs....I have furnished the part #'s as I have no knowledge of how much of a drop they are...These were in a box in the trunk of the "T" I just purchased...300 shipped for the pair Part #19930003 and 19830001
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    Ready to go short block

    Hi, to all Looking for a short block in the Ohio area....Going to build the engine that is coming out of my T-Type, so wanting something stockish for now.....Stock crank and rods are fine, but would like it to it least have forged pistons...Not looking to inherit someone's nightmare; need to be...
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    Valve Covers

    Hi, to all I have a nice pair of valve covers that come with GN1 billet breathers....As shown in the picture the breathers unscrew and have a removable filter that can be cleaned and reused...These will clear roller rockers and I have the mounting hardware as well.... 175.00 shipped to the...
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    Burgandy Guage Pod

    Looking for a Burgundy Gauge pod for my 86 T-Type...Need a dual pod, but will take a triple also...If the price is right I can order some paint from Kirban's, so let me know what you got!!
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    Maf pipe and T. Body for Sale

    Hi, to all I have a 3" Chrome MAF pipe with the couplers and clamps----$65.00 Shipped to the lower 48 Stock Throttle body comes with the coveted throttle lever and everything you see in the pics---$80.00 Shipped to the lower 48 Thanks!!