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    Alternator relocation bracket

    Someone should make one like champions. So others can get them in a decent time frame. PS and alternator bracket that is.
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    pistons,( hypers) 5 rods and intercooler bracket.

    5 good rods with speedpro hyper pistons. Have the other piston with no rod. $80 shipped. 1 driver intercooler bracket $30 shipped. I have 2 stock main caps(centers) $20 shipped for both. Also have a used double roller timing chain set. Not sure brand I did a rebuild and went roll master. 10k...
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    driver side intercooler bracket

    $30 shipped for the ic bracket driver side. Include pp fee or send as gift
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    Chrome up pipe

    Stock size chrome up pipe drilled for alky. Light Scratch's but very nice piece. Nozzle and couplers not included.$40 shipped if couplers needed add $6. Pp preferred gift it or send fee please
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    210/215 roller cam for sale

    Bought from full throttle and going to a different can now I'll take $200 shipped. Less thank 10k miles and good condition
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    Alternator bolt

    I have a alternator bolt the long one that attaches tensioner and alternator to accessory bracket the long black one at the front $20 shipped these are hard to find.
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    Oil cooler set up

    I have stock oil cooler setup for sale $60 shipped
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    Misc stuff need gone

    Anything in pic minus seat belt buckle and rear panels is up for grabs I have oil pick up tube used cruise control harness license bracket ac delete pulley driver arm rest piece from door differential cover with bolts open to any offers no need for this stuff and Dont have room. Dont need to...
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    Used Driver bumper filler $40 shipped

    Needs paint no cracking of material.
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    Alternator support brackets

    $25 for both shipped. Got champion bracket. So Dont need
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    Ac delete pulley and rear defrost switch

    I have ac delete pulley food shape don't need went with champion bracket. Also have rear defrost switch $20 shipped each piece
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    Accessory bracket and ac delete pulley

    Accessory bracket $75 shipped ac delete $20 shipped
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    Tensioner with rjc pulley and more

    Accessory Bracket $75 shipped tensioner $180 shipped with rjc pulley. Will not part pulley separate from tensioner. Ac delete bracket and pulley $25 shipped.Coolant hard lines nice shape ready for install comes with clamp piece 2 available $65 each shipped. Trishield horn ring and button $140...
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    Which rings to get

    I have my motor being built now. I have heard several different preferences but looking for a few more. I hear about total seal TNT rings and speed pro rings I'm going to be mid to lows 10s don't wanna waste money are the speed pros good for many years and 4-5 track visits a year on this power...
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    86-87 tensioner $160 shipped good shape

    Good tensioner very nice with new bearing in pulley $160 shipped
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    Exhaust manifolds with crossover

    I have these in good condition cracks being welded tomorrow this will be first Time they have been welded painted black and shields painted silver fresh paint for 1500* degrees. Pics tomorrow if anyone is Intrested $180 plus shipping
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    87buickracer no pay as stated.

    He messaged me 2 weeks plus ago and stated he wanted a crankshaft I had asked me to hold till he could send payment the next week... So the next week came I messaged him to confirm on Thurs that week he messages Friday his PayPal is jacked up but hes was giving friend $$$ to pp me that Saturday...
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    Casv4 intercooler

    With hardware has some damage but works well. Damage is to back side where ic fan tap it a few times. Has been 11.3 with stock heads. Damage to shroud is fixed but could look better if you wanted to work with it. $400 plus shipping
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    CAS v4 vs powerstroke

    Will I see a difference... I also like setup because I have drop springs and drop spindles my v4 shroud caught a tire gator a few months back so not worrying about that as much if I do psic. I have no motor in car now and don't mind modifying the core support. Any advice this is a budget saver to
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    Power stroke intercooler

    Making a powerstroke intercooler work on gn. OK so I found the part numbers to make the hoses in walker but the number 620 says 2.5-3 ft no number from walker shows up. is this the hose material. Please help