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    Bought a car from him from 500 mi away and when it landed in Canada, it was exactly as he described. A-1 seller. Better than expected. Honesty is rare these days but not to Steve. Thanks, Bud. Mike
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    '87 Limited Pm or e-mail for details or questions.
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    Street Lites 15x8 fr and rear

    Has anyone put 8 in. on both the fr and rear with maybe a 255/60/ 15 rear and 235/60/15 front? I don't want the big and little look. What back-spacing will look correct without the tires sticking out? Also. where did the pic of the white car with Billet Specialties go? Can't find it.
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    Ames, Iowa

    The wife has to go there for some meetings for work. She wants me to go. Just some time without the kids. What can I do during the day? Don't want to sit in front of the tv all day. It's in a couple weeks.
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    Todays race replay.

    I have to be on the road today during th Nascar race. Is there anywhere I can watch it at tonight?
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    '97 SSEI any good?

    I'm looking at a '97 B-ville that is in super shape and dealer serviced its whole life. After driving it I was'nt that impressed with the power. Thought it was going to be a bit better. Are they slugs? What easy mods to make this thing more fun? I know nothing about these cars as far as...
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    Ford 2.3 race motor carb tuning

    I have a 2.3 Ford circle track car with a 460 lift cam and are having some trouble with the carb tuning. My LM - 1 shows 10.2 to 1 @ 6500 rpm. Too rich. Changed the power valve in the Holley 350 cfm carb from a 8.5 to a 4.5 and now it seems to be bogging. I thought it would go leaner but...
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    Limited for sale / trade.

    I'm thinking of selling my Limited. Picture Test - Approx. 100K miles. Looks more like 50K. New paint 3yrs or 2000miles ago. every emblem replaced. New engine with brand new stock cam, stock heads, TA-49, 60's, Thunderfab. Atr downpipe, stainless exhaust with pitbulls...
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    Leaky fittings on SMC

    I have a round bottle SMC kit and I've just noticed the fittings on the top of the bottle are leaking alky. Actually bubbling after a W.O.T. run around the threads. Any insight on how to stop this?
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    Apr head bolt torque?

    I have searched around and can't seem to find the number. I think it's 80-85 ft/lbs. Someone please clarify for me.
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    f/p regulator Q & A

    Could someone please explain how the f/p reg. works. There is vacuum until boost and then does the boost goes threw the line from the t/body / block to put pressure on the diaphram to increase the f/p? I'm trying to figure out why my f/p only goes up 20 psi when it should go up 25 psi for...
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    Holley fuel pump?

    Is anyone using the Holley fuel pump part # 12-914? Should I replace my Walbro 307 with this or is just a stock replacement that will not be able to keep up?
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    Grey plugs only on pass. side

    I have a weird sputtering noise with my car that started last year. Drove it today and went w.o.t. a few times with alky spraying and 24 psi. No knock at all (.7deg. once) and runs great but does'nt sound/feel right. Pulled the plugs and all 3 on the pass. side are grey. Drivers side...
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    Heater box shroud removal? O.K.?

    Can I take the shroud thing off the heater box and leave it off? Installing T/A Performance valve covers and that is about the only way the pass. side is going on. Just wondering if there are any reasons why it can't stay off? :confused:
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    Do you know Jack?

    Last year, yes last year, I bought a 3200 stall converter from Cottons', and installed it. Waited a while to get to the track to see if it was the ticket to get me into the 11's. Did'nt have much luck. Bested three 12.1's in a row. Same as always but the mph dropped off. Determined that the...
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    V.P fuels- CSP

    If you look at their fuels under CSP, notice it is oxygenated. I ran this last year with alky and my car did'nt go any faster even with 27* of timing and 27# of boost. Any thoughts?
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    Pro-torque- no W.O.T. l/u?

    My new Pro- Torque convertor apparantly will not lock at W.O.T. Has anyone heard of this and could explain why? No good to me at the track.:mad:
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    Major changes ...same result?

    Ran my car at the track this week-end and had some strange results. Started with 24-25# and 20* street chip. Played with f/p up and down 10#, car ran the same times in 5 passes. Put in 27* race chip and started turning up the boost all the way to 28#. Still ran the same times and mph...
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    Crank away, no more than 20psi.

    I've just finished installing h/g's and been slowly turning up the wick. For some reason now I can't get over 20 psi. of boost even if the high boost actuator is cranked so tight it takes two of us to put it on. I'm running alky and previously had 24-25 psi. Next question is why would...
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    I.a.c. at 175?????

    Just finished installing new h.g's and for some reason after warm-up the idle is crap and has a nasty off idle hesitation. The I.a.c. is pegged at 175. The blm's are 125 to 140. Does'nt want to start very well and smokes a little black. Where does that number come from? I know it's...