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    87 Gn low oil psi

    I bought a pretty rough 87 Gn with engine problems. I finally pulled it up to the garage to figure out what was going on with it. Low oil psi light on. Lifters rattling, Pulled the oil filter and. Nothing come out. Pulled the turbo feed line off started the engine and nothing came out...
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    Woodward dream cruise

    im looking for some lodging advice for the upcoming dream cruise. What's the best place to stay at near Woodward ave? Thanks
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    GN header panel

    looking for a 87 Gn header panel No holes in perfect condition please
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    Is turbo tweak still around?

    is turbo tweak still around? I emailed the other day and have never gotten anything back? Is there a phone number? I couldn't find a number on the site.
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    Just a general gnx question

    i was reading some other posts about gnx. And there was one post that said all gnx started life as gns optioned the same. Is that true?
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    is there a page that breaks down the rpo on the deck lid of the car? I can't remember! Can somebody point me in the right area? Thanks.
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    Wtb 86-87 buick

    im wondering what's out there in the 20k range I will go higher for the right car. I'm looking for 86-87 Gn hard top or astro roof- sorry no T-tops! Or 86-87 T hard top or astro sorry no T tops! Must have black out option! No chrome please. Colors 1st choice silver metallic blue 2nd white 3rd...
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    I guess this is the end of the road.

    I guess this the end of the road for me I put my buick up for sale and sold it in less then 24 hours. and i have relized that i wount be as connected to the buick world as much. I will check in from time to time;). I was looking at some of my old posts i have made and some of the threads i have...
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    86 GN has to go

    I have an 86 Buick GN that is taken apart I need to sell. I'm tired of having it take up space. Car has been taken off the frame. The frame has been media blasted and painted. There are all new stainless steel break lines, new calipiers and rotors. All new front end parts. It has a Ford 9 inch...
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    83 lbs injectors

    I have a set of 6 simens 83 lbs injectors $255 shipped
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    belt tensioner

    I have cardone belt tensioner $65 shipped brand new in the box
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    8MM plug wires

    I have a set of 8MM thunder bolt plug wires brand new never started with $65 shipped heres my photo bucket link Buick Parts pictures by jennygti22 - Photobucket
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    engine and some parts

    Im doing an ls conversion and im sell everythin v6 related 109 .30 over poston 210 cam lt1 valve spring balance rotaing assemdley port matched imtake and heads engine has about 12 miles stock turbo green stripe injectors alt engine bracket ac compressor 3 inch down pipe 86 gn...
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    question about v8 swap

    Is 5.3 the same physical size as a 6.0 l ? I was thinking about starting my swap with a 5.3 and i was wondering what size of turbo and camshaft to use .and what if i put cam in a 5.3 and then decided to put a 6.0 in it would that cam work in the engine. thanks for any info
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    headlight bezels plus a few parts

    ive got a set of nos black healight bezels i would like to get most of my money back out of i paid $575 shipped . i know they reproduce these now looking for somebody to make me an offer i cant resist also have a set of 83lbs injectors $200 shipped weld drag lights 15x8 or 9? and 15x3.5...
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    thinking of parting my car

    1986 GN ive been thinking parting out my car out . i have lost intrest in the project for the last time . im also tired of having money tied up in the car .i would like sombody to just buy the car heres a quick run down of the car 86 .30 109 block port matched heads a small cam balanced...
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    does any body have some good advice for me

    so i was wondering if any body had ever had an insurance claim for hail damage. any help would be great . so last night we had hail and my i left my car out side. the car is 2008 gt mustang with 550 miles on it . it has damage on the hood,roof deck lid, right rear quarter panel and right front...
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    finally getting some progress

    i bought this car about a year ago . and decided to do a frame as soon as i got the car. here are some pics of the car this s far as i got since monday . sending the body to the blaster in the next 2 weeks or when ever they get an opening. so far i have media blasted the frame painted the...
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    finaly getting some progress

    Posted twice sorry!
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    nuts and bolts

    looking for nuts and bolts i've moved my car a couple of times and have lost a bunch of nuts and bolts for the suspension and under hood bolts to so if any body has parted out a car and wants to sell them please let me know you can call me at 515 979 9850 luke or send me a pm thanks any...