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    RIP my friend ChavoLC2

    Lost a great friend this week. We both didn't post here much, but always lurking. He will be missed by many. RIP my friend, blessings to the family. Lee
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    Pinks All out

    Anybody make it into to Pinks AO for Phoenix 11-20. We have and are trying hard to make the car ready. Hope to see some more GN/T's out there. Come by and say Hi, we will do the same if we see other Buicks. See ya, Lee
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    Not shifting up

    Like the title says, put the car into first and it will not shift up if under load. I have to let off the throttle so the trans will shift to second. Does not matter if I shift early or late after I floor it, if I stay in it, car revs to the moon. Could this be just a simple linkage...
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    Trans brake 101

    Just installed Lonnies new t brake. Seems to work fine, but I have not REALLY launched it. My ? is, once the brake is set in 1st and released, will I have to manually shift up, or will the shifts take place even though the gear selector is in 1st? If that is the case, can I set the brake in...
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    Non-lockup / Tbrake button ??'s

    First- have a NL convertor (and valve, of course) and just installed Lonnie's new T-brake. Can I remove all the TCC wires and switch, or does the hole from the pump need to have the "plunger" in it? Second- anyone have a part # for a T-brake button that will work w/ this new brake? Tried...
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    Engine install

    Easy ? for most of you I am sure. Can I install the engine w/ everything on it? Exhaust and cross-over, turbo, alternator and AC comp., etc. Should clear the hood and fit, right? Thanks, Lee
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    Fel-pro 8723 vs. 9441

    Bought 5 sets of head gasgets from a business close-out($10/set-score :)) There was 4 sets of 9441 and 1 set of 8723. I have used the 9441's, but have not seen the 8723's before. The 8723's look very nice, different material and seem a little thinner. Looks like they would hold up nice, so I...
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    Rod bearing replacement

    Just installed a new cam, no machine work to block, just replacing the cam, lifters, springs, etc. While I have the engine out, I thought I would replace the rod bearings. My friend said not to do that because of the tolerences involved and I did not do a complete engine rebuild and have the...
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    Spring help

    Hey all, Got a 218/222 w/ .463 lift in. and .465 ex. flat tappet cam made by Comp. Cams. The tech guy at Comp. said he needed the installed height to recommend springs, is this true? I am sure that he is not very familiar w/ the turbo motor and that many of you might be able to guide me...
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    Cam/ springs ????

    Hey guys, OK, so I am going to put in an X3 cam from Full Throttle. Specs are: in-218@.05 w/.460 lift ex-222@.05 w/.479 lift has 112 ls and installs @110. It is hyd. flat tappet, I have ported stock heads and 1.55 roller rockers So my ?'s are what springs, lifters and...
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    Cam & lifter advice please

    Hey all, Read a few posts and know that if I go roller cam, I will use the lifters from TA. However, I am not sure I can afford roller @ this time. So, I could use some guidance on selection. I currently have an ATR 214 flat tappet cam that has lost some lobe size :frown: Since...
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    bolt torque

    Can someone please tell me the torque for the bolts that clamp the crossover to the headers. Can't find it and I do not want to destroy the lead donut. Thanks, Lee
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    Slicks vs ET Streets

    Currently have ET Streets on the car, best 60' 1.74 I have a set of slicks sitting in the garage that I have not used because I just put studs in the axles. Would it be worth putting the slicks on? Is there THAT much of a difference? Thanks, Lee
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    ONLY 15#'s OF BOOST

    Hey all, OK, so I got a 70Qtrim turbo from a friend to replace mine. No matter what I do, I can only build 15-16#'s of boost. The RJC controller is as tight as I can get it(shorter overall), I even removed the set nut so I could set it tighter. I tried a very heavy duty spring in the...
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    dbl pump

    Hey all, I just got a dbl pump fuel set up complete w/ all wires and relays. My question is, do I have to use these wires and relays or can I just drop my tank and plug the dbl pump into my existing wires? I currently have a hot-wired Holley 255 lpm in the tank. Thanks, Lee
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    BOV vac. line

    Hey Guys, Installing A Bov And Was Told I Could Tap Into The Fuel Press. Regulator Vac. Line. Is This My Best Option? Thanks, Lee
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    Dyno Tune

    Hey guys, Gonna be dyno tuning the car next week and have some questions for those that have been there. I have a turbo tweek chip and a t-plus. With all the adjustability between the two, where sould i begin? Set the chip to "as sent" by eric and tune the t-plus first or vice versa...
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    E85 injection

    Hey guys, Our local methanol source does not sell it any longer and so I was curious if E85 ethanol would be a good replacement? It has an octane level of aprox. 105. Would I be able to use it as a methanol injection replacement? Or is it too caustic for the system (smc single)? I will...
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    methanol in the tank

    hey guys just some food for thought. i know this is probably better suited for the meth/alky forum, but i am hoping more people will read it here. i have two turbo cars, one w/ meth, the other w/o. since meth is mixed w/ gas and air upon injection and deters detonation, can i just run some...
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    LONG POST- ok, went to the track the other night. first run went smooth- .5* kr, 790mv,and egt-1480* boost @ 20 . so i turn up the boost and later make another run. car left way hard but at 1/2 track it seemed to fall flat. boost spiked about 25 and settled on 23 with all numbers beautiful o...