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    **Husek Converter, GN1 Downpipe and a few other things**

    I Still have a few parts leftover that I would like to unload. If anyone is interested, you can paypal me the money at and I will get the part shipped right out to you. Thanks for looking. Jeff -GN1 Performance 3” stainless steel downpipe with internal wastegate...
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    **Stock and Performance Parts for Sale**

    Buick Parts for Sale Champion valve covers for Buick Turbo V6 - brushed aluminum with grommets & hardware. These are brand new and have never been used or mounted on a set of heads. Decided to go in a different direction, so my loss is your gain. These valve covers were $185.00 new plus...
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    Kenne Bell Oil Booster Plate Install

    Can someone help me out here, I am in the process of installing a KB oil booster plate and the directions are a bit vague. I layed the oil booster plate on the housing and scribed the oil inlet passage onto the housing. What I am concerned with is the grinding of the slot in the housing, the...