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    MAF Translator and Jumper Harness

    For sale MAF translator with Casper's harness for MAF with integrated temperature sensor. Put the translator in my car a few years back and I have only driven about 1k miles since then. So translator and harness are almost new. $150 takes both. Shipping not included in this price. I will...
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    New Owner of 2000 Regal GS

    I picked up a 2000 Regal GS over the holidays. I've read up on the SC 3800 series II/III cars and initially I wanted to swap a 3800 series II/III into my Grand National, but I just had the motor and transmission rebuild. So instead, I figured I would just buy a SC Regal and go from there...
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    CAM Sensor setting

    Ok I have read the links to and vortexbuick. Maybe I'm dumb or over thinking it, but I have a question that doesn't seem to be specifically addressed. I have the crank set at 25* ATDC, on the compression stroke. I have the CAM sensor set up such that the dot is facing PS wheel...
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    I'm resetting my CAM sensor and I used a spark plug socket to remove the spark from cylinder 1 and now the socket is stuck in the head. I've tried to plug the socket out with needle nose pliers and channel locks, with no success. Any suggestions? I don't want to strip the damn spark plug hole.
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    Bought a new F150 with TT 2.7L V6

    I finally broke down and bought myself a full size pickup truck, XLT package with rear locking differential. I wanted the 3.5L TT v6, but I would've had to step up to a $65k package to do so. I went with the 2.7 and I'm impressed with the power output. I did drive the 3.5 and I was able to...
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    Massive oil loss

    I was cruising around in my GN and I noticed valvetrain noise and I then looked at my oil pressure and it was down to 10 psi. I was close to home so I drove it a few blocks to my house and shut it down. I noticed that oil is leaking everywhere and the oil pressure drop was in fact a massive...
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    GR Supra

    I'm seriously thinking about buying a 2020 GR Supra. The biggest issue right now is availability. The second thing I take issue with is I live in a no fault state so insurance will cost out the …! The third is being in MI, I don't want to drive it in the winter, so I would have to rent a...
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    Stock Axles

    At what power level does one need to consider before upgrading the axles or are there other factors involved? Set up in signature and I'm looking for a mid 10s pass. Car weight with me in it 3750lbs.
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    Magna to build the Toyota GR Supra

    I was looking at my company Intranet and I saw this News Release. I wasn't aware the Supra name brand was being brought back to life. I need to look up the specs on the GR Supra and see what it has and see if it is as special as the late 90's Supra. Production begins in early 2019.
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    After Market Grill and Springs(Keep coming loose)

    I bought and aftermarket black grill from Kirban about 5 years ago, I bought some aftermarket springs too. I have lost two pair of springs and unfortunately I threw my stock ones away. Right now I have the springs taped to the bottom of the grill is case they come loose. The aftermarket...
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    Stock Water Pump (Free)

    I have a water pump that was put on new in 2010. Free just need to pay for shipping.
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    Stock MAF Sensor - Works Good

    Stock MAF sensor, works good. Ran an 11.88 with it. - SOLD $50 plus shipping.
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    Stock Motor Mounts

    Stock motor mounts, have about 2000 miles on them. $15 plus shipping.
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    Stock IC with shroud and brackets

    I have a stock intercooler with shroud, brackets and necessary mounting hardware. $125 plus shipping.
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    Bumper Guards with Pads

    Set of black bumper guards with pads. These aren't in perfect shape, but could be bolted on as they aren't in that bad of shape. Can be powercoated to whatever color you like. $80 plus shipping.
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    Stock TB with Vacuum Block, TPS and IAC

    Stock throttle body for sale, the TB is powdercoated. Comes complete with a new throttle stop screw. $125 + Shipping.
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    What is too hot with respect to coolant

    I was swapping out RMI and water for coolant/antifreeze yesterday and during this time my engine coolant temperature went to 225*. I have put 2 gallons of coolant in the car and I didn't realize my fan wasn't plugged. I plugged it in and the coolant was circulating, but the temperature kept...
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    3800 series 2/3 crank

    Does anyone know what grade of material the 3800 crank is made out of? I'm pretty sure it's not a forged crank, but is it made out of nodular iron. etc. For guys to making 800whp, I would expect the crank to be made out of stronger material than the turbo crank in our turbo Buicks.
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    New Red Armstrong Single Pump

    Bought brand new from Dave Husek, decided to with RA double pump. $125 + Shipping. SOLD!
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    Dave Roland

    Finally I have to give props to Dave Roland. He did a great job on my motor rebuild, 109 stroker. A top notch job! He worked with me to help me get as many parts as I could afford before he started the rebuild. He answered all my questions and went through all the details with me. In...