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    Bishir Crash Video

    You'll be able to see it wasn't his fault at all. The guys in the nova didn't offer so much as an apology :mad: right-click | save-as.
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    LT1 specific question

    I'm helping a friend wire up his FAST using a Fasttrackperformance stand alone harness. We haven't been able to get in touch with Mac, and we're unsure what to do with the solid wire on the ignition module. From the factory the wire in question was connected to the ECM. We have not...
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    Injector fuse size??

    I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my car won't run and I had bad tunnel vision that it was ignition related.. Anyway, today I found that my (factory) fuse for the injectors was blown, it's a 15 amp. I'm running a FAST with a fasttrack piggyback harness and 83#...
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    Newbie FAST help... (twin turbo LT1)

    Hey everyone, I finally got my project nearly complete. I connected to the FAST, and got my injector constant and a few other simple things corrected, and started the car. Much to my suprise, the car fired right up!:D Hell, it sounded pretty crisp, but it was surging.. It eventually...
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    Need help FAST (no pun intended)

    I'm installing my FAST setup on my '96 Z28 w/LT1. I bought the stuff from Mac at Fasttrack Performance. In section 6 (MAP sensor circuits) part b. I was instructed to splice FAST E-02 into GM PCM B-16 that part is simple. In section 9 (ACT sensor circuits) part f. I was instructed to...