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    Hey guys, it's been a while since i've logged since my intro. I received some great help from some good folks here. Thought i'd show off a little production as to where I am with the car. Just a recap with my resto/build, when i bought the car it ran like it was hating life. A MAF/tranlater...
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    Any torque converter info?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone would recognize or has info on this torque converter. All i could see is a stamped number. I've googled and and couldn't find anything other than Hughes Performance makes red torque converters. I called them and their numbers don't coincide with the ones...
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    Looking for a belt tensioner

    Found something new today. I didn't break it this time, i swear. I have witnesses. Broken belt tensioner. After i replace this i'm getting rid of the strap and invest into the RJC bracket. If anybody has one please let me know.
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    Need stock valve cover bolts in Southern Ontario

    Hi guys. Just in the middle of installing new valve cover gaskets. I was torquing them to 44lbs as i found online. i should have went with the "just snug" advice i also found. I noticed the wrench wasn't clicking so i backed off and started low. One, first bolt snapped. Anyone have any valve...
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    Brake advice, what direction to go for a somewhat experienced noob.

    Hi guys, somewhat experienced noob here. I dropped off the car on Monday for certification but won't be looked at until next Monday. In the meantime i've been perusing around the internet and here and noticed a hyper urgency on brake systems. Now i don't remember a brake issue when i had my...
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    New to forum, back in black.

    Hello all. I just recently purchased an '87 Grand National, again. It's been over 20 years since my last. Now married with a couple of boys I/we are ready for a special car. Purchased from an older couple that have held the car since '97. A wonderful couple which i will have the pleasure to...