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    Turbo Regal Picture Thread

    Not my first turbo regal I have owned. I haven’t done much to it in a long time but it does need some wheels lol I only have two of the stocks if I find two more I’ll throw those back on for now. included pic of the options code so you guys can decode it for fun
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    Looking for some parts...

    Also looking for two turbo T/T type wheels
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    Looking for some parts...

    Oil fill tube and cap with the metal washer and rubber seal if possible And The bypass tube that connects the turbo to pass. Side valve cover need the multiple pcs that all connect and work together. I posted some images of the parts I need. Thanks!
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    SF Bay Area spotted thread

    turbo regals.. Guess not ... I haven't spotted one in cpl of months here in the east bay. Last one I remember spotting was in Berkeley... I bet they drive real good in this cold weather I just might drive mine this weekend... let's see who spots me!!!
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    SF Bay Area spotted thread

    spotted... a all black turbo regal at sac raceway yeasturday the only g-body there
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    Turbo Buick Cruise?

    Albany is good for me... We should plan a route.
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    quick visit to the smog shop(real short vid)

    Track We did, didn't run mine since it's stock. And my boy had some issues so were gonna try to go again on 04/17/10 with more cars to run.
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    quick visit to the smog shop(real short vid)

    YouTube - we4.movie1 dont mind the dude with the funny hat it was cold out that day. yea a month and a half ago back since its nice warm weather these days. i lost the emissions paper to post readings but it passed easy. next up my '88 454 monte :eek:
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    Quest For More Boost!!

    Starts at noon. Get with tone too maybe we can allmeet up in the morn. I'm only gonna hang out not gonna race this time around. Email me with info if you want,
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    Turbo Buick Cruise?

    So is 04/17/10 the official first cruise/track day? I just might cruise up there if we get enough TR's together To ride back to back, it would turn heads for sure! Anyone going this sat the 20th for test n tune at sac?
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    Quest For More Boost!!

    We4, my cars long lost twin! Me three! I see Tonys Malibu in your avatar, is he still in search of a TR? Tell him to bring out his car this sat the 20th to sac raceway for some test n tune, Roberto will be there to help him out. Tony should remember him. Or at least to spectate...
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    Lets get together and ride

    What's the word on a get together? I'm trying to bringing out mine march 20 to ride out to sac raceway n back. Gonna peep my homies ride see what it do in the qrtr mile. Might be a long drive for some but my car needs some driving time its been sitting for a while now. so yea if anyone wants...
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    I'm going to the track who's down?

    Track day How about going march 20th to sac raceway? berto takin his car for test n tune. It would be a good race between you two like old times!
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    March day...

    let's make this happen, As long as weather permits. my buddy is taking his regal To race a few guys that want to get spanked and im taking mine to sac raceway to represent g-bodys. we can meet somewhere and cruise up there and race or chill and meet and talk cars maybe take some photos of...
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    need my T tuned

    Hit up blackstallion on here he's in san jose. He can tune it if you want.
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    any leads to a 8.5" g-body rear for sale?

    forgot to mention i prefer one from an 87 gbody because the tranny i have is from that year. not sure if older year rears/driveshaft will be incorrect for my tranny.
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    any leads to a 8.5" g-body rear for sale?

    ill be looking for one real soon so im posting up to see what pops up in the future. these things are heavy so i prefer around the bay and surrounding areas outside of the bay so i can pick it up because shipping will be over kill and over my budget. prefer something ready to bolt on and...
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    tuning the T

    T whats wrong with the car? what is it your looking to do to it?
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    Getting code 42?

    no start i had a similar prob. loosen the cam sensor and wiggle it while another trys to start it once it stays on tighten back up. shut it off then restart the car. nothin to lose by trying this and it might get the car started.
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    Need to borrow a fuel pressure regulator

    did you find out the problem yet? might be the fuel pump since the reg is ok