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    Tucson Turbo Buicks

    I live in the Phoenix area as well and would be willing to drive down sometime to meet up with everyone! I can't make it to SIR next weekend but keep me posted. Scott
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    Alradco Dual Fan Kit

    I bought this radiator 5 years ago and have been happy with it. I moved to Arizona and during the summer, the temps can get up to 200-205 so I want to go with a dual fan setup since the stock fan only brings air across the center of this radiator (maybe 60-70%). I really like the Alradco setup...
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    Alradco Dual Fan Kit

    Does anyone know if the Alradco dual fan kit will fit the G-Body Parts Aluminum Radiator? I don't see why it wouldn't but figured I would ask. Thanks, Scott
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    Saturday Night Car Cruise at Indian Bend

    Anyone on here planning to go tomorrow night? I am thinking about heading out and wouldn't mind meeting some of the other turbo buick owners in this area! Scott
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    Painting Vacuum Brake Booster

    Thanks for the reply! The booster is a new reman unit from Cardone. Their website mentioned something about an anti-rust coating so I wanted to see what others have done and how well they have held up.
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    Painting Vacuum Brake Booster

    Getting ready to convert to vacuum brakes but want to paint the vacuum booster black. I was thinking of using a scotch brite, etch priming it, and then spraying it with some trim black. What is everyone else doing with the vacuum boosters? What products are you using? Any information/feedback is...
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    Installing Translator in Car

    I am looking to install the MAF Translator inside of the car in the glove box. I bought an extension harness but am not sure which is the best way to route it and bring it into the car. How has everyone ran there wiring into the car? Where did you install the translator in the car? Thanks, Scott
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    Downpipe - TA Performance or RJC

    Does anyone know what the differences are between the TA Performance downpipe and the RJC downpipe (fitment, performance, quality, etc.)? Any information is appreciated as I am planning on ordering one soon. Thanks, Scott
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    Upholstery shops in AZ

    I am looking for the same thing! Looking for good upholstery and paint shops near the phoenix area.
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    Saturday Nights at Indian Bend & Loop 101

    I saw a Grand National at Indian Bend and Loop 101 in Scottsdale Saturday night. Does this belong to anyone on the board? Does anyone else from AZ go out here on Saturday nights? Scott
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    What did this Mouse Eat?

    Thanks for the response. I wanted to make sure that was what I needed to order from GbodyParts before I placed the order! I have not found any other damage and the mouse no longer lives in the car so hopefully the worst is over! I am just glad it didn't start eating wire.
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    What did this Mouse Eat?

    I had a hungry mouse in my trunk and it did quite a bit of damage! Does anyone know what this item is that I need to replace? Does anyone sell this? I don't know if this is the rear jute matting or something different. Any information is appreciated! Thanks, Scott
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    Chip Re-burn for MAF Upgrade?

    I am going to be replacing my stock MAF sensor with a LT1 sensor and translator. I currently have a TT chip. From what I read, it sounds like I do not need a re-burn but I wanted to double check on this. Any information on this is appreciated. Thanks, Scott
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    Goodyear Eagle SS Drag Radials

    This tire is now completely different from the tire that was out when this thread was first started. I spoke with the Engineer who worked on the re-design of this tire in December at the PRI show. He said that the latest tire is far better than the original design. I am hoping to try them out...
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    Car Cover...

    I purchased one from Wolf 5 years ago. They make a custom cover for our cars. It fits great and has been through lots of snow and rain without any problems! Would highly recommend it. Scott
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    I Keep Destroying Ignition Modules

    The first two ignition modules and coils were AC Delco. The third time around ?I went and got a Magnavox module from Pep Boys and an AC Delco coil. The plug wires are MSD wires from Russ (about a year old). I am running CR43TS plugs gapped at .035. Thanks, Scott
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    I Keep Destroying Ignition Modules

    I will check the ground wire on the cylinder head tomorrow. I have the ground stretcher kit installed with the lug mounted on the firewall. The car has the original front cover and the original cam sensor. I have a new GM cam sensor at the house as a spare. Would a bad cam sensor cause the...
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    I Keep Destroying Ignition Modules

    I have went through three ignition module/coils recently and cannot figure out what keeps causing them to fail. Each one lasts about 100 miles. The car will run fine for a few days and then it will have a serious issue with the ignition cutting in and out. Replacing the module and coil fixes...
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    Anyone in Phoenix/Scottsdale have a CCCI Tester?

    Thanks for the response Nick. I sent you a PM. Scott
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    Anyone in Phoenix/Scottsdale have a CCCI Tester?

    Trying to see if the coil/module that I put on 100 miles ago is is bad already. Thanks, Scott