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    New Tow Vehicle!

    This is what I will be towing my car to the track with, 2008 3500 diesel this is what 660 ft lbs looks like!:D P.S I'm in love;)
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    Ordered parts from them, going on a couple weeks now no response to e-mail and you can't call them. But that website Takey the Money Real Good, it works perfect. The same day I also ordered for Cottons, Fullthrottle and RJC everything came that week. I going to give it a few more(10 business)...
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    Need a roll cage!

    I live in Ohio a friend needs a cage installed in a regal ASAP anyone with info let me know. Thanx in advance.:cool:
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    Local Car Show

    Local car show here in Cleveland just thought I would share the pics had some really nice cars didn't nearly get all of them!!
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    Snow Storm (Cleveland)

    Few pics I took while snowplowing this past weekend in Cleveland Oh.It was really bad pics don't do Justice!! Main street here, I stopped and took these pics 6 stranded buses just within this one city block:eek: . 6 ft snow drifts Complete transportation shut down @ one point for about 12 hours...
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    Transformers the movie

    Just saw it tonite @ 8:00 pm it was real f@%*ing good, a must see it's not suppose to come out till tomorrow but I was able to see it today somehow go check it out well worth it!!:D
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    drive shaft

    I need a drive shaft for my car I switch to a ati th400 what length does it need to be?;) Thanks in advance
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    200r4 transmission

    I have a 200r4 tranny out of my limited it is all original 100K miles but was never raced still shifts good tranny fluid changed regularly could probally use a soft rebuild just to make it brand new. Also including the converter these parts are in good shape. Don't really want to ship but will...
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    Type of people I don't like!!

    Have you ever been around a guy who talks so much trash and can't back it up. I mean a real tough guy you is always talking about fighting or racing or just competing but is the last one to throw a punch show up to race or be good at anything. I know a guy like that who has a buick and thinks...
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    New Rear end cover

    What do you guy think of these? eBay Motors: CLEAR GEAR DIFFERENTIAL FITS GM CAR & TRUCK 10 BOLT (item 120007059808 end time Feb-05-07 11:18:40 PST)
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    Convo Pro's

    I two rear wheels 8.5" with hoosier slicks rims are in excellent shape, tires with tubes are decent few passes still left. I am asking 375 + actual shipping ;)
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    Convo pros

    I looking for two front wheels, Skinnys with or W/O tires let me know what you have.
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    Good seller, parts as descibed got them very fast!
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    60lb injectors for trade.

    I have a set of 60lb high Z injectors use with stock ECM like new maybe a couple hundred miles maybe. Would like to trade for somthing larger 72-83 don't want to sell outright. Any one intrested PM me. :cool:
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    Couple nic knacks.

    a/c delete pulley 45 shipped Chrome MAF pipe 65 shipped
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    Watch out for fullthrottlespeed!!!!

    If you want the lowest prices on buick parts then give them a call;) and on top of that I got my package the next day.Damn now that's service, can't thank Mike enough!!!:biggrin: :biggrin:
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    Deep Tranny pan

    PM me if you have anything.:cool:
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    86 T-type

    Car is for sale in Tennesse guy is asking $5500, his name is David 731.336.1309
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    Help me and my friend decide

    Help me and my friend end a debate on who has the better stuff it’s really stupid I know but getting tired of arguing. Here we go, me and Daywalker have the exact same T.V.(50" Hitachi LCD) but we have different stands, witch do you guys think is better please give your opinions!!!! Also who's...
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    Two of Reds chips(93,107) set up for 60lbr's and Alky injection $55 shipped for both! :eek: Chrome Mass Air pipe $55 shipped After market spoiler & end caps(identical to original) needs to be painted brand new.$150 will split shipping ;)