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    Looking for some parts...

    Oil fill tube and cap with the metal washer and rubber seal if possible And The bypass tube that connects the turbo to pass. Side valve cover need the multiple pcs that all connect and work together. I posted some images of the parts I need. Thanks!
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    quick visit to the smog shop(real short vid)

    YouTube - we4.movie1 dont mind the dude with the funny hat it was cold out that day. yea a month and a half ago back since its nice warm weather these days. i lost the emissions paper to post readings but it passed easy. next up my '88 454 monte :eek:
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    March day...

    let's make this happen, As long as weather permits. my buddy is taking his regal To race a few guys that want to get spanked and im taking mine to sac raceway to represent g-bodys. we can meet somewhere and cruise up there and race or chill and meet and talk cars maybe take some photos of...
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    any leads to a 8.5" g-body rear for sale?

    ill be looking for one real soon so im posting up to see what pops up in the future. these things are heavy so i prefer around the bay and surrounding areas outside of the bay so i can pick it up because shipping will be over kill and over my budget. prefer something ready to bolt on and...
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    88 ss monte/t-tops/chrome stocks/

    street friendly with too much power!!!...clean title... 454 4bolt mains,stock shortblock,high compression aluminum heads and rpm intake.voodoo 60203 cam, aluminum water pump,avenger 770 holley carb,bb-3 sanderson headrers,h-pipe dual flows,aluminum radiator, posi 3.73 rear end, 2004R tranny out...
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    WTB: T wheels

    looking for a cheap set no show quality wheels needed, im really in need of two wheels only so if its two for sale it be even less $$$ lol prefer local around here in the bay area. thanks
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    15x8 star wheels CA

    four pacer wheels and caps 15x8 fits g-body cars.i believe it has 4" in backspace clean lips, no tires $325 plus shipping
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    new dual gauge holder, CA

    dual gauge pod goes on a-pillar.never been used. $30 plus shipping.
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    87 GN wheels in CA

    stock 87 gn wheels,not show quality but overall good shape,black paint is peeling. not curbbed. located in bay area of CA. $275 for all have been removed. plus shipping.
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    adapter for concertsound 2 anywhere?

    do any vendors or stereos shops sell any adapters anywhere that will fit inside the pods of the concertsound 2 lower door panels to install some door spakers? either 5.25" or 6".. I got ahold of some panels but the door already had the original brackets and speakers removed. just trying to...
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    15inch prime wheels(aluminum)lightweight

    just needs a polish to shine real good. one or two have very light curb rash. rims arent gouged or anything like that. they are on my SS monte right now but will be coming off real soon. were on car when i bought the car so i dont know much info they look like 15x7 .. asking $275 but negotiable...
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    dif wheels on my we4

    quick pics for now not full car. not new so i dont know much about them but their stamped 0 offset 15x8. these are way lighter then the GN's i took off
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    short vids of buddies 87 regal

    posting this for "blackstallion"... YouTube - 454regal_00
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    we4 steering wheel and direct fit cd player(pioneer)

    we4 steering wheel with center cover, cracked but was glued about 4 years ago and still holding strong-$200 obo. cd player with wiring harness,also has extra converter for aditional rca out(full range),might even come with free music cd inside lol-$150. plus shipping
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    stock turbo regal wheels w/caps

    1 set(4 wheels) of stock t-type/turbo t wheels no tires. with 2 center caps. asking $250. shipping extra
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    dies at idle,voltage drops...

    started with car hesitating on the way home then it wouldn't speed up it just cruised had to go really soft on the gas pedal. I noticed this happeniing after I closed the roof and raised up both windows. checked the scanmaster and volts were way low.I didn't make it home had to get a...
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    03 deville dhs/silver/nav/66kmiles...$17k

    i need to get rid of this car cant afford to keep making payments. ill let it go for around $17k. email me for quicker response at 2003 cadillac deville dhs 66K mi,take over $0 down...
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    alky kit

    brand new alky kit i bought it from its listed for $530 plus shipping ill start of at $500 shipped.OBO never installed,never opened the plastic bag it comes in. i was gonna use it for my silver T that i ended up selling. kit includes: PAC Progressive controller Modified...
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    67 RS camaro

    my dad and i have been thinking about selling the camaro. body has been restored with all new body panels with new clips,screws,emblems,new chrome trim all around, as well as the interior has been redone in original form. motor and tranny have about 1000miles, its a 400SBC bored 20 over with 5.7...
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    NEW progressive alky kit

    i have this alky kit i purchased through johnsperformance a few months ago but i never used it and never will. its the latest version never installed and never opened the plastic bag it comes in. list price is $530(plus shipping) ill sell it for $500 including shipping to any 48 states. postal...